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Posted by Deb | Uncategorized | Tuesday 3 August 2010 12:02 am

Working on the demo hasn’t worked much for me today. I really don’t feel yet up to trading. I tried trading on the demo again, but with not much enthusiasm. I did mistakes without caring, lost some money (fortunately, not real money), and really didn’t bother to trade properly. I did cut the loss so as not to lose too much, but had I stayed in the position long enough I could have made a profit.

I know I should take it more seriously, but somehow after trading for real the demo seems not significant. I hope I will be ablt to take it more seriously in the next few days. I ordered myself a book about trading psychology, I hope it will help me to get back on track.

Meantime I am conentrating on finding myself other means of income. I hope I can find enough so that when I get back to real trading I will not be too pressed to make profit and cash money immediately. It will be better if I can give myself the time to grow my account till it is significant enough, and trade with not so much pressure.


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