What are the Rules For?

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 8 July 2010 5:53 pm

I am still angry at myself for yesterday.  Why can’t I sticmy own rules?  I let my loss get over $350, and I stayed in one position for almost an hour.  Two broken rules.

It is really curious.  One month I an in euphoria, thinking I am about to make from now on $3000 per month.  Then the next month I have loss after loss.  This month I will be lucky if I can cash $700 out of my trading account.

Today I started slow, with one contract a time, and running away too quickly getting no profit from my positions, only to see a few minutes later I could have made a nice profit.  Finally I decided I must get out of it, and had one long position to which I added and subtracted from contracts.  Finally I had a profit of $112.5, but with all the contracts I entered today my net profit will probably be around $50.

At least I didn’t loose today.  Life is so strange.  I hope I will finally be able to get some steady profit from all of this.  I am sure there is some unconcious psychology involved, it does seem I am in some kind of self-defeating process.  I do hope to get out of it.  I don’t have the energy, time and money for psychoanalysis.  I only want to make a living!  Why is this so difficult?

Sorry for the whining.


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