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Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 8 March 2011 11:27 pm

Yesterday I didn’t find time to trade. Mondays have become lately very busy days for me.

Today I tried to trade in the morning, but got very frustraded from the bad connection I had. I tried again and again, and just couldn’t get a good internet connection. I even tried to uninstall the Transact and install a newer version of Transact, but that seemed to just make things worse. Finally I re-installed my old version, and gave up.

I tried now again (it is evening here now), and on my second try got a good connection. What I didn’t realize that after uninstalling and re-installing, my Transact platform was missing my regular parameters. I entered a short position, but the system didn’t generate for me the bracket orders. It took me some time to realize what has happened, and by the time I got things fixed I was already in a loss of $62.5.

I was deteremined to win, so I entered another short position on 2 contracts, and later added 2 more. Finally the market went down as I had anticipated, and I was in a total profit of $125 over 5 contracts – including the original loss. So actually my profit on the second position was $187.5.


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