Today Was a Better Day

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 26 October 2010 5:34 pm

I again wasn’t sure I want to trade today, but then decided to give it a try. I traded of course on the demo, so no money was on stake.

I first opened the platform on my usual time 15:15 Israel time, which is now 9:15 NY time. That means only 15 minutes before the official trading start. That doesn’t leave much time, but for me it is optimal: After I take home my daughter from school, and before taking my son. That is anyway a time I cannot work much. But I really should stop trading that time. I like it because it forces me to trade in a short time, so that trading does not spread over my day, as it had months ago. But it isn’t a good idea to trade when you don’t have time. If I could rely on my self-discipline, I would be able delimit my trading without these external limits.

Anyway, the market was obviously going up, so I did not have to hesitate too much. Though had it been on real money I would have been hesitant, since the market was fluctuating and it went down a bit before going up again, and as my real money account is so limited now I do not let a big stop-loss. Anyway the market went down, then up, and then my daughter came to disturb me so I exited the position with $25 on one contract.

Then I had to go out again to pick up my son. First I thought I would call it a day already, but I decided to be stubborn and try again. I opened the platform and sure enough the up movement was not yet over, the indicators showed it will most likely still go up.

I entered again with 2 contracts, and exited shortly after with $62.5. So the total for today was $112.5 over 3 contracts. Not bad. Pity it wasn’t on live trading.

That’s given me a boost. I of course am not yet ready to go back to live trading. My account is too small for taking any more risks. But I will try the simulator for the near futures. I have no idea yet when I will go back live, I do not want to hurry. I hope I will be disciplined enough to take my time.

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