The RiskManager Limit

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 14 June 2011 2:45 pm

I told here about the new limit TransAct’s riskmanager posed on my trading: I can do a max of 3 contracts. I thought it meant I can’t do 3 contracts at the same time. Now it seems they meant 3 contracts in the same position, which is quite disturbing.

I went into a position today with 2 contracts, than added one more. I wanted to add one more, so I waited for the right moment to get out of one of the contracts with a small profit (of only one pips). Then I tried to add a new contract, but the riskmanager did not let me, although I was at that moment in with 2 contracts only!

That will really interfere with long positions. I think I will try to contact them soon.

Anyway, I got out of that position today with a profit of $100 over 3 contracts.


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