The Disturbing Child Syndrome

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 30 March 2011 1:32 pm

I wrote here on Friday about how I was stuck in a position for a long time, and just when the market was turning in my favor, everyone in my household needed me and I was not able to wait enough to collect the whole benefit of my waiting. The exact same time happened today.

I opened the trading platform in the morning, after delivering my 2 younger kids at school at walking the dog. My older son was at home, but I thought he will not disturb me for a while.

The market seemed to be in a good position to go down, so I entered on one contract. Unfortunately, the market didn’t go down, so I exited shortly after with one pips of profit. I waited some more, and then again tried a short position. That was foolish, as the market again started going up. I hoped it will turn back soon and entered one more contract on a higher position, and some time later another one. But still the market wasn’t going down. I waited and waited rather nervously, and then my son started needing me. At one point when the market wasn’t moving I positioned my limit orders in safe-enough places and left my laptop to go and help him with some work he needed to do. When I came back to the platform the market was just starting to go back down.

I sat there waiting, thinking I will pull down my limits if I see the market goind down strongly enough. Just then he came again, disturbing me with some question. The market was going down strongly but I wasn’t paying attention, and my too-close limits caught. I didn’t lose on this position, but with 3 contracts I could have done better. As it was, I got $62.5 on it, and with the previous short position this made for $75 on 4 contracts. Not bad, and a bit above my current day goal, but such a long position could have done better.


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