The Blessed Weekend

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Sunday 2 May 2010 9:43 pm

I am so happy the futures market is closed on Saturday and Sunday, so I have to take some vacation from it.  Till recently, the days of marketing were so stressful for me!

Now it is begining to get easier, with less stress.   I also decided I will not let myself be caught in a position for too long.  It is just so stressful.  And as my teacher said, if I get out of a losing position in time, I have time to look for a winning one.  Though with my luck, I will get out of one losing position just to get into another losing one.

I looked yesterday a little bit into trading forums, and was so humbled.  I am such a starter, and just hope I will not have to close my account too quickly.  I hope so much that my persistence will pay in the end and that I will master this art.

Anyway, tomorrow will be stressful again.  I hope not too stressful.  I pray to have a short winning position tomorrow!  Wish me luck.

N.B.  BTW, I didn’t write about Friday.  Friday was an “even” day – I didn’t win, didn’t lose.  (I think I got a net of +$14).  I again checked out of a position too early, but I can’t blame myself:  The market was very jumpty when I was in this position, and I couldn’t rely on it to go in the right direction.  Of course, 15 minutes after I got out it moved in the exact direction it should have, but I was out and didn’t make the profit.


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