Summarizing this Month

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 28 February 2013 11:57 pm

For those wondering, I did achieve my minimal expectations for this month. I did stay even, actually I did a bit better: I got a net profit of $100. Not much, but it is something for a start.

I haven’t had much time to trade this month.  Monday was Purim, a happy holiday with lots of activities and no time for trade. Tuesday I did some trading (making 1 pips over 2 contracts, so it was actually a small loss due to the fees), and Wednesday I again was not able to trade: The electricity in my house went down, leaving me without my pc and with no internet. Very annoying.

Today I had some time to trade, and did better. I identified a nice resistance line and put a limit order there, but just when the market was getting there my kids needed a ride to the movies. I debated with myself if I should leave the order and let the position manage itself, but decided against it. Of course, when I came back I found I could have left it, it would have made me over $100.

By that time the market was going down but I was not sure enough about were to enter. Finally I entered on one contract and made 5 pips – $62.5.


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