Some Success Today

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey,single motherhood | Monday 24 January 2011 11:27 pm

Today reminded me why it is so difficult for me to trade in the afternoon. Due to the time difference between NY and Israel, the afternoon here is the time when the market is open in NY. But in the afternoon I cannot work without interruptions: My children need me.

Sometimes on Monday I have some uninterrupted time when my kids go to their D&D class, but today I had a few important things to do during that time, so I got to trading only later, while my kids had to do their homework. I got everything running and then had to leave the platform to help my kids. When I came back things were looking good – my order had caught and the position was winning, but then again my son needed me and when I came back again the position was already out with -$50.

I decided to try again, and this time I was usccessful: Over 2 more positions I now got $100, so a net profit of $50. I decided to try once more, and added another profit of $25 over 1 contract.

This was all done on the simulator, so unfortunately no real profit. Anyway, it is good to have some such encouragement.


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