Short Trading

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 17 March 2011 2:04 pm

I had to spend the morning today getting a tax form, which was very frustrating.  Such a waste of time!

Once I got home I opened my charts and saw the market was on an end of a dive down.  I tried to move my pc to the living room (where I can wire it directly to the router) very quickly so as not to miss it, and of course everything went wrong:  I knocked off a few items from my desk, I managed to move the taskbar to the top of the screen…

Once everything was straightened out I opened the platform, but even with the wired connection, I couldn’t get a good connection.  After a few tries it seemed ok, and I tried to trade for the first time on the new symbol – ESM1.  I entered a short position on one contract.  Soon I saw the connection was off again, and that by mistake my ESM1 brackets were  not yet set so I had no limit/stop-loss orders on this position.  I closed and re-opened the platform, but the connection was still not good.

I put a buying order on where the market should have been according to the Sierra charts, and it immediately caught, although the Transact platform was showing the market position in a different place because of the bad connection. This got me out of the position with a small profit of $37.5.  As the connection was so bad I decided that was it for today.


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