Back to Trading!

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 4 December 2012 2:20 pm

Those who are following this blog for a while know that I have been taking now a very long break from trading.

Finally, after a break of about 16 months, I feel I can go back to trading. I feel optimistic about it.

Make Real Money OnlineI have started again trading last week, currently only on the demo. Last week I traded just to get back the feeling, without really trying, and of course I lost.

Yesterday I begun trading more seriously. Yesterday I made $50 with 3 contracts, today I made $87.5 on 2 contracts. I hope I will continue this new progress!


10 Steps To Maximising Online Profits

Posted by Deb | Guest Post | Monday 3 December 2012 5:46 pm

Running an online business has some very important advantages over brick and mortar business: You can easily track and optimise your business and it is more cost effective. Do you own an online business and want to increase your profits and expand your existing business to the next level, but are worried about the appropriate ways and means to find the best strategies to popularise your ecommerce site? Following are some of the best practises for upgrading your website visibility and maximising your profits.10 Steps To Maximising Online Profits

Optimise your site for Search Engines: The main idea behind optimising your site for search engines is making your site appear in the search engine results page when searching with specific keywords. You choose keywords and phrases that relate to your business. There are many companies which specialize in the field of SEO and help you optimise your site for search engines like Google and Bing. You can also try implementing SEO techniques on your own by using internet.

Pay per Click Advertising: Pay per click is usually connected to SEO as a site traffic building tool, but is very different. With the Pay per click you make ads for some of the specific keywords and phrases used are often searched by users and place them on the search engines like Google. If a user clicks on your ads click you have to pay per each click. It is useful mainly for the newly created ecommerce websites but also for many of veteran websites.

Issue a E-Newsletter: This is one of the best ways to bring potential traffic to the website. You can publish a newsletter to inform your customers that you have released a product or service in the market. It enables you to keep your customers updated about your products and directs them to visit your site and in this way increase your sales. Publishing a newsletter is also easy and inexpensive. The important thing here is to have a large and potential database and give value added content.

Write a Blog Post: This is another great way to bring essential traffic to your site, which will also help increasing your page rank on the search engines. Updating and adding content on the blog is rather easy when comparing to adding content to an existing website, while search engines will view both blog and website equally. Research the latest developments in your field and write about it in a way which can help your targeted audience.
Exchange Links and other link building activities: Create inbound and outbound links is most time tested process, though results can only be seen after a long time. Do your link building activities manually, never use automatic tools as this many not give desired results.

Use Social Media: Many social media platforms were initially started for personal use but later on evolved to being used for promoting business services and products. Advertising your business on social media sites may require some strategies. Use Facebook and Twitter pages for your business site which can help increase traffic.
Advertise your site Offline: Promoting your site offline is also very important and is often neglected by business owners. Implementing PPC, SEO, Social media tools to your site can greatly influence your sales but at the same it is also essential to advertise your site offline as your customers are present in the real physical world.

Make your website look professional: Make website look professional in looks and site designing style. Don’t let your site look like an amateur work. You have to modify site to look professional, it is worth hiring professional web designers and copy writers.

Make your website load faster: Do not build your site with all flash and animation as it will make the website loading time longer. Most users will stay over for 2 to 4 seconds on website, if it is taking more time to load then you have to find the ways to decrease your website load timing.

Generate positive online reviews: Many online shoppers will rely on reviews so it’s essential for you to generate positive online reviews. If there is any criticism be sure to explain what happened, this helps to maintain a good online reputation.

Author Details:
Hi there, I am Maria from Manchester, a passionate writer and a blogger. I write about everything in general but currently researching on PPI Claims. Follow me @financeport


So Who are the Hamas?

Posted by Deb | Politics | Tuesday 20 November 2012 7:55 pm

A really brilliant and funny explanation of the true nature of the Hamas:


Media Lies

Posted by Deb | Politics | Tuesday 20 November 2012 12:32 am

While the Israeli Defense Force is doing its best not to harm civilians while defending the Israeli civilians, inadvertently some Palestinian civilians do get hurt. There is no choice, as the Hamas terrorists are hiding and shooting from within dense civil population. The Hamas will hide their ammunition in hospitals, mosques, kindergartens etc. so that Israel will not hurry to bomb them, and if it will they would be able to immediately shoot some heart-breaking pictures to show the world.

Apparently, the Israeli forces are doing a good job, so Hamas was not able to take recently enough tragedy pictures. For this reason, they and their supporters are recycling other pictures they have found on the net.

For example:

boy wounded in Syria

The picture, showing a boy wounded in the war in Syria, was recycled and displayed by BBC reporter Jon Donnison as showing a boy wounded by IDF in Gaza.

The following recycling is really outrageous. The baby in the picture has lost her mother, and was wounded along with her two brothers when a missile shot from Gaza hit the house in which they were staying in the town Kiryat Malachi. The Hamas is using her photo as anti-Israel propaganda, claiming she is Palestinian.

Israeli Baby Wounded in Kiryat Malachi

Hamas is Using Civilians as Human Shield

Posted by Deb | Politics | Monday 19 November 2012 12:10 am


Why is Israel Striking in Gaza

Posted by Deb | Politics | Saturday 17 November 2012 7:46 pm

Yesterday was the first time in 20 years we have heard the alarm sirens in Jerusalem. The Hamas bombers have thrown a rocket toward Jerusalem, but it hit in a open space, actually close to a Palestinian village in the outskirts in Jerusalem.

My daughter, age 10.5, was terrified.

This new Middle-Eastern war comes after a few weeks of constant bombardment of the south of Israel by missiles from Gaza. Israel has already withdrawn all its forces and civilians from Gaza. Instead of turning to build the allegedly dreamland of Palestine, the Hamas is working on trying to destroy Israel.

The Israeli ambassador to the UK is explaining the situation here to the BBC:


eToro – Social Trading

Posted by Deb | Forex | Thursday 8 November 2012 11:52 pm

Some time ago I was contacted by a sales person who told me about eToro. I attended a webinar explaining the concept of social trading, and it sounded promising: Instead of relying for your trading solely on your own knowledge and estimates, you can rely also in real time on the decisions and judgement of other experienced traders. In eToro you can even decide to be lazy and let others decide for you: You can attach a certain amount of your investment to the account of some other trader in this system that seems to be doing well, and they will buy and sell for you according to this trader’s actions.

As the main trading tools in eToro are of Forex, and I am no Forex expert, I decided to open a demo account and see if the lazy attitude can work for me. In the demo account you get an initial account of $10000. I decided to choose 6 traders that seemed to be doing well according to the given statistics in eToro, and tie $1000 from my account to each of their accounts. The remaining $4000 I left idle.

My conclusion: NO. You can’t have totally “lazy” account. Maybe I just didn’t choose well, but what happened was that in the first 2 weeks my account grew nicely, but then it had a few drops. I didn’t touch any of the trading decisions, letting it go automatically with the decisions of my “gurus”, but that didn’t go well. In the first 2-3 weeks I was making money (or demo money), but than I lost most of it. Today, about 6 months after I opened the demo account, it is only worth $10150. 1.5% in 6 weeks may be not so bad, bad it could have been better. In the first 2 weeks I had made 3%.

That does not mean that I don’t recommend eToro, or social trading. eToro has some nice graphic and other trading tools, and being able to look “over the shoulder” of traders who are doing well is a wonderful asset. You just can’t leave your account to do everything automatically. In order to make a nice profit you should use the social networking but also the graphs and your own judgement in order to get out of your positions in the right time. You should also use the eToro learning tools to make yourself more knowledgeable about what you are trading.

If you are already an expert in what you are trading, you can also gain from eToro: If people choose you as their “guru” and decide to follow your actions, eToro would be paying you extra commissions, so that you will be profiting twice: From you actual trading, and from your followers.

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