Do you play the guitar, or any other instrument?

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This post here is completely off-topic. I wanted to tell you about my new business: I decided to start selling on Amazon. I have opened a new brand for music accessories, and have just launched my first product: A Metronome Tuner. It is a cute little device, very easy to use, with great capabilities: It has automatic-mode tuning for guitars and bass, and chromatic mode / tone generator for tuning other instruments. When tuning, you can see on its large LCD screen very clearly how far you are from the right tone.

In the metronome mode you can change between 8 rhythm variations, and also select your tempo and beat. The device an adjustable voulume control, so you can choose if you prefer a quiet nudging sound or a loud sound, which can be heard well even when you are playing.

The metronome has a support clip with which you can place comfortably on a chair, table or piano so you can see the screen clearly while playing or tuning.

As you can see, I am excited about this device, and about this new business venture in general. I really recommend it for any musicians out there, or for music students – adults and children alike. (My 11-year-old daughter just started playing the guitar a few months ago, and loves using it for tuning).

As I am celebrating the launch of my Amazon selling career, I would like to give readers of my blog a nice discount. So please follow this link here, and put in the promo code FUTPROMO to get a $15 discount. This code is valid only till next Sat., January 11.

If you use this code, I would like to ask you a favor: please leave me a review on the product’s page. Don’t write only complimitents: Give me you honest thoughts about it. Thanks!


‘A Bit Match’ Anti-Israel Resolutions ?

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A United Nations interpeter spoke her mind when she thought the microphones were off.

Read also in Hillel Neuer’s article here.


This Blog is Listed in “The Top 100 Future Trading Blogs”

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I got a notice that this blog is listed as one of the Top 100 Future Trading Blogs. I am honored!

It was listed in the category “Personal”, if you look there. I guess that would be the right category.

I know I haven’t been posting much lately; I am so busy lately with other venues. I intend to write soon about my adventures with eToro. I have been very pleased with the results. Of course, as with any trading, there are the bad days, but all-in-all I have already made 30% on my investment there, in about 6 months.

I am also invested in stocks now, still learning how to do it, but enjoying it. It seems this kind of investment is better for me; it leaves me less stressed.

I hope to write about all this some time soon. I’m off to get the kids now.



Online Forex Trading

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Is there anything today that cannot be done via the internet? Aside from smell (which they are working on) and taste, we find ourselves more and more living in a virtual world.

As little as 20 years ago, most investors invested through the services of a broker. Often orders were taken via the telephone, but mostly it took a personal visit to the broker’s office in order to get an order filled. Physical tickets were handled and floor runners ran to the market floor to place a trade.

Practically all trading is done today online. It is faster and more convenient and highly impersonal. Traders need never meet the broker who places the trade and are totally ignorant of whether or not their money is handled properly.

Forex, or foreign exchange, trading began in 1997 and was conducted by big players such as financial institutions, international banks and wealthy investors with substantial portfolios of over $1,000,000. Forex began as an online investment and continues to be the largest financial market in the world despite the fact that there is no physical marketplace.

Over the years, Forex brokers opened their doors to individual traders and with the lackluster performances of the stock and bond markets, many traders have moved their monies over to Forex.

Forex traders bet on the movement of the price of the currency. The U.S dollar is considered the strongest currency and the EUR/USD is the most popular currency pair traded.  A host of commodities such as gold and petroleum products are internationally priced in dollars and require payment in US dollars only.

Many factors determine Forex prices including economic factors such as interest rates and inflation. In addition, political issues and social changes create price fluctuations. Often these reactions are short lived but they are enough to make a Forex trader lose a substantial amount of money.  A surplus or shortage of a currency can cause major fluctuations in the Forex rate of any currency.

Forex markets are open 24/5 on a continuous 24-hour basis and are not governed by the rules of any particular country. However, in order to protect the individual investor, most Forex firms are regulated by a supervisory agency and must comply with the regulator’s stipulations.

Bitcoin trading operates in a similar nature to Forex trading.  This popular virtual currency can be traded online against other currencies and transactions can be completed in mere seconds.  Although there is no reputable regulation yet, there are many movements to have this form of trading regulated in the near future.

Online Forex

Anyone interested in trading Forex can open an account with the myriad of online Forex brokers. The sites are informative and interactive. They can provide the novice trader the information needed to get started. Some sites, however, can be overwhelming and often the beginner gets lost in the maze of data. It is advisable for any new trader to read the online review sites, such as Daily Forex, to compare the features offered by each brokers.

Before placing your first trade, it is essential that you understand the world of Forex. Online tutorials are usually provided on the broker’s site. In addition, free courses, such as FX  are offered to those who wish to delve deeper into how Forex works in order to emerge as a successful trader.

The most important feature to look for is the broker’s free demo account. This provides you with the opportunity to trade for several months with virtual money. Practice makes perfect and the more experience you have under your belt before trading in a real account, the more chance you have of coming out ahead. Jump in too soon and you can expect losses.

When you do open a real account, ease into trading by using only the minimum amount required. Often this can be as low as $500. Try to avoid leveraging your account. Trading on margin is a sure way to lose your money and most brokers are only too eager to provide you with up to 200:1 leverage.  Don’t fall for that trap.

A trader must know when to pull out of the trading arena. It takes a lot of time and knowledge to predict the right time to buy or sell but here’s a rule of thumb: If you’ve made some money, don’t be greedy. Pull out while you can. If you have lost money, don’t wait to lose every cent in hopes that things will turn around. Pull out and use whatever funds are left to buy again later. Don’t let your emotions rule.




It’s Your Fault! Rape and Victim Blaming

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Money Matters: Mutual Funds For Long Term Investment Could Mean A Financially Secure Future

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Slow and steady wins the race — nowhere is this more significant than when you are considering an investment. While the lure of making a fast buck from certain opportunities in the money markets can mean a financially rewarding investment, there are risks involved when you choose to take the quick route. Making money from any sound investment may take time but the danger of losing what you have put in is greatly reduced in contrast to investments made on a whim.

Pooled Resources

Most serious investors would look into mutual funds for long-term investment for different reasons. For one, a mutual fund may free up individual investors from having to personally choose and monitor a portfolio because the asset management company makes the investments in different securities. For another, a mutual fund is a sound option for building up a long-term cash fund to use for a kid’s education, retirement, or any other particular financial objective. As such, many organizations actually consider a mutual fund as a way to grow pension and trust programs.

So what is a mutual fund? A mutual fund pools the money of individuals and/or institutional investors to create a big asset base. The assets are then managed by full time, registered professionals from an asset management company which is tasked to develop and maintain a diversified portfolio. The profits or losses are then shared by the investors and will be proportionate to the money they invested.

The Appeal of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds, for long term investors, are ideal investments because of the safety delivered in terms of limiting the risk for losses. Mutual funds are regulated by a securities and exchange commission of concerned countries; in India, the SEBI or the Securities and Exchange Board of India is tasked to protect the interest of the investors. In addition to limited risks, mutual funds could also offer good liquidity. This means that investors could convert their investments into cash, which will then be based on the current Net Asset Value (NAV) per share. NAV is basically the market value of a securities scheme.

Of course, even with the expert handling of an asset management company and such promising prospects, the retail investor should still learn as much as one can about mutual funds, including how to further become a successful investor. A potential source could be Parag Parikh’s views on behavioral finance and value investing. Parag Parikh is a fellow at the Harvard Business School and has authored two books, one of which is the bestselling “Value Investing and Behavioral Finance: Insights into Indian Stock Market Realities.” The book delves into the fallacies of the stock market and guides investors on making better informed decisions.

In conclusion, whether you intend to go with the long-term prospects of mutual funds, it pays to know what you are getting into because a market on an upward swing can quickly shift to a downward direction. Arm yourself with the proper knowledge. Read more about mutual funds (and other investment options). And gain better insight into the money markets through experts like Parag Parikh.

About the author: Sarah Miller is a business consultant and a part-time writer. She loves to travel abroad to have a good grasp on various types of businesses. She actually puts her learning through writing. She writes in behalf of


How To Become A Leader At eToro

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World businesses are going towards recession, and it is natural for people to look for jobs which are also at the minimum level. The only option left for them is to look out for other ways of earning money. But, it is difficult for a person to be master in everything. He has to have proper knowledge of the field where he wants to invest money. Forex through Copy trading is one of the easiest ways that may be employed to earn money without having any experience.

eToro is the website that is an embodiment of help for its clients. With more than one and half million users, it has grown to be one of the best Forex trading and stock indices related business activities. The company is licensed from the regulatory authorities and has links and associations with many Forex and Stock exchange companies of the whole world. Becoming expert, here, is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Common man who enters this site for the first time is naturally afraid of investing here. He has to have credentials and these things are provided to him by different people who are successfully running their business transactions at this platform. They will do their all out efforts to ensure that they always win. This is the key point. You have to choose a Guru. You follow his leads and invest just like him. The chances are that you will also win just like him.
Some people have spread rumors in the market against eToro, and they would call it a scam. They would bring fictitious stories in the market to let people believe in what actually never happened. Some competitors of this company are also doing this kind of things.

But, as you can see, the company offers virtual money of $10,000 for every newbie. It means you do not have to invest at all in the beginning. Just use this virtual money without bothering about winning or losing. This will bring perfection in your investment strategy. $10,000 is an enough amount to lose. So, without any obligation, use it and get trained in the field. If, after some time, you feel confident, you may go for actual investment.
Etoro forums and eToro Forex trading options are clearly for those who are not satisfied with their current earning. It is a source of secondary income for these who can invest money and time. This way, they can get everything according to their expectations.

Etoro platform is especially beneficial for people who have been associated with business and commerce. They already have got numerous techniques and know about the terminology that is used in Forex trading. It is, therefore, easier for them to use this platform to earn more and more income through this way. Leader is the one who leads others. By winning for yourself, after gaining experience, you will also become a leader or guru of many other people. This status will bring further benefits, monetarily and respect-wise, for you.

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There is a complete guidance about etoro copytrader at Anyone can access the instruction by visiting the site.

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