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Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 2 June 2010 7:43 pm

Today I started the next part of my journey:  My account is back on the winning side.

I started by breaking one of my rules:  My teacher advised not to trade on the first half hour after the stock exchange is opened, i.e. wait till 10:00 AM NY time.   But 10:00 AM in New York means 5:00 PM in Jerusalem, and on Wednesdays my daughter has a swimming lesson on 5:15 PM.  Last week I traded at about 14:00 PM, but today I had a conference with my son’s teacher at that time. 

I opened my Transact platform at 16:30, which is when the stock exchange is opening.  The first few minutes were slow, and then suddenly everything moved fast.  I entered a position (long with 2 contracts) at about 16:40-16:45, and then the market got real nervous.  It jumped up above my first exit point, and then down again.  While I was trying to decide if and to where I should move it, it got caught, and I was left with one contract and a profit of $50.

Then the market rushed down, and down.  I entered 2 more long contracts in a lower point.  The market went further down, then up, and I was afraid my daughter will be late for her lesson.  But then the market began climbing back up, and  I was able to quit with a total of $287.5.  The market was still climbing up another point or two which I could have gotten had I waited a little more, but I was happy as it is – a good profit, and I was glad to be out of the position.  And my daughter was just on time for her lesson.

A good start!

I don’t want to change this into a political blog, but as the anti-Israel propoganda and Turkish lies are getting distributed everywhere around the net, I will bring here today again 2 links:

The first is an article about the Turkish casualties on the flotilla boat:  appearantly some of them have dreamt of being Shahids (That’s Arabic for martyrs - that’s what the suicidal terrorists are called).

The second is a CNN interview with the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, in which he explains well the Israeli point of view.



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