Mixed Day

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Friday 14 May 2010 4:58 pm

Today was… what shall I say? Mixed.  I did make profit, but less than I was hoping to.  The bottom line was $87.5 on 6 contracts, so the net profit is $46.  I am disappointed, but on the positive side, I had a whole week of profits.   Or actually 4 days of profit, since I did not trade on Monday.  Not a big profit, but I erased the loss I had on the begining of this month.

My first position was with 2 contracts.  The market was swingy, so I pulled out quickly making only $25.  In retrospect, I could have made more, but there really was no way to know in advance.

On the second and third positions I again had 2 contracts each, but on each I had to pull out to quickly.

Well, here’s to hoping next week will continue on this way of profit.  My son is again into having a long conversation of complaining about everything his life, so the few words I wrote here already took too long.  Hoping this too will be better next week.


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