Media Lies

Posted by Deb | Politics | Tuesday 20 November 2012 12:32 am

While the Israeli Defense Force is doing its best not to harm civilians while defending the Israeli civilians, inadvertently some Palestinian civilians do get hurt. There is no choice, as the Hamas terrorists are hiding and shooting from within dense civil population. The Hamas will hide their ammunition in hospitals, mosques, kindergartens etc. so that Israel will not hurry to bomb them, and if it will they would be able to immediately shoot some heart-breaking pictures to show the world.

Apparently, the Israeli forces are doing a good job, so Hamas was not able to take recently enough tragedy pictures. For this reason, they and their supporters are recycling other pictures they have found on the net.

For example:

boy wounded in Syria

The picture, showing a boy wounded in the war in Syria, was recycled and displayed by BBC reporter Jon Donnison as showing a boy wounded by IDF in Gaza.

The following recycling is really outrageous. The baby in the picture has lost her mother, and was wounded along with her two brothers when a missile shot from Gaza hit the house in which they were staying in the town Kiryat Malachi. The Hamas is using her photo as anti-Israel propaganda, claiming she is Palestinian.

Israeli Baby Wounded in Kiryat Malachi

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