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Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Monday 11 October 2010 10:15 pm

Today I had a small loss again:  My first position was on 2 contracts, and was probably a bit too quick:  only about 3-4 minutes after the market opened.  The market seemed stable enough, but I should have waited a few more minutes for it to stabilize a bit more.  I lost on this position $87.5.

After that position I had 4 more short positions, each of each contract, and each giving a small profit, so finally I had a profit of $12.5.  Deducing from that the fees I have a small loss.  I am sorry about that, but still happy I did not get tempted to let my first position grow a bigger loss.  A small loss like this one is something I can take.

I wrote here a few days ago about Markus Heitkoetter’s trading course.  In the same link, you can download a free pdf – a very long introduction of his to trading, which I am still reading and enjoying.

Anyway, this same Markus has published the story of his trading history which I have read just now.  It is interesting and encouraing  – he didn’t start off making success immediately.  He had a few losses till he got to where he is now.  Today he is living the life I would have wanted for myself now:  Spending some time in trading, having investments from his previous tradings which give him passive income, and having enough time for his family and whatever he wants.  I wish I could have that in a few years!

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