Low Profit Again

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 15 September 2010 7:17 pm

Today I didn’t have much time to trade. My kids went to try a new enrichment class (building model aircraft), and I tried to trade while they were there. I entered a long position with 2 contracts, and exited shortly after with a $50 profit. As always, waiting a bit longer with the second contract could have given me more. Though today I don’t think I really had any way to see that, so I wouldn’t consider it as my mistake, at least not for my current stage. If I had more time I could have done one more position, but I had to go and fetch the kids. Never mind, a profit is a profit even when it is small.

Actually, I think I will feel I am really starting to get it when I have a small loss. Then I will know I have mastered the skill of getting out of losing positions on time, and not letting the profit grow to be a giant loss. If I make profit and lose on the same scale, it will be ok, since I have much more days of profit than days of loss. The problem is when the losses are on a much larger scale than the profits, so that a bad day can erase the profit of whole week or month.

If I will close a day with a small loss, I will feel bad for the loss but I will know in my heart that I am going on the right direction. Funny, isn’t it?


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