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Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 17 November 2010 12:25 pm

This morning, while walking my dog, I felt I must trave live today. After yesterday’s futile trial and the profit I did make on the demo, I wanted to try.

I decided to trade immediately, although trading is very slot in the morning. I opened first the Sierra charts to decide if I should indeed go live, and the indicators showed an almost sure up direction of the market. So the decision was made: I opened the Transact on live mode and very quickly entered a position. The trade was so slow!

After a short wait I had a potential profit of $50, but I decided not to exit yet. I waited and waited, and finally added another contract. Of course, just then, the market when down. I decided to hold out, and waited. In the afternoon I am sure my position would have taken only a few minutes, but now everything was so slot. Finally I broke down and quit on one contract. Then again when nothing was moving I added a contract again. Finally after a very long wait I quit the position with a profit of $75 on 3 contracts.

With a little more patience I would have done more: I checked now and the market did go up more, as was very probably by the indicators. But I didn’t have the patience and nerves to wait more. I was too stressed as it was.

Will I trade live again tomorrow? I am really not sure. I will decide tomorrow. Tomorrow I have no time to trade on the morning, so it will have to be when the market is open and trade is much faster. I’ll see how my courage will be tomorrow.


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