I Should Take Care of My Internet Situation!

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 9 December 2010 12:08 am

Today I went back to trading after a few days of not having time for it.  I shouldn’t have.  My internet connection was so bad today!

The market was very loaded today, with a big volume, and my platform was not reacting well.

The first position was a total disaster.  I started a long position, but the market changed directions and jumped down.  I should have quit immediately, but the market really jumped to a big loss and I decided to try and wait it out.  The problem is that with my shrinked account I can’t wait too much.  After almost an hour my stop-limit finally caught with a loss of $287.5 over 2 contracts.  Half an hour later the market went up again and I could have had a small profit.

I proceeded to try and reduce my loss.  The 2 subsequent positions, on 2 contracts each, reduced it to $212.5 and then to $150.  The final position was on one contract and reduced it further to $125.

The problem was that during all this time my platform was not working correctly, getting stuck very often and not showing the actual state.  The Sierra charts were also no totally synchronized with the market, but showed the situation a bit better.  With this bad internet connection I could only guess what is happening with the market, and that made me quit positions too quickly.


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