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Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 26 December 2012 1:02 am

After my first failure in live trading the other day, I decided to go back to the simulator. So yesterday I stared again with the demo.

I want to be “as sure as possible” for my position, so I identified a resistance line in that day’s max value and put a line there. The market was very slow so I thought it doesn’t have much chance to get there. I begun doing other things meantime, and suddenly heard the beep of a position being caught. I took a look and saw my position had finally caught.

The market started going faster, and a few minutes later I was out of my position with $100.

The graphs indicated that the market is going to continue in its dive, and I thought to myself: “Now! I have to do this live”.

I had to close the program and re-enter it in live mode. When I did that I saw the market has dived very quickly. I tried to catch the end, and I did. I won $50.


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