Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey,single motherhood | Tuesday 14 September 2010 8:36 pm

Today started well: I opened my platform, took me about 6 tries till I got a good connection. I wanted to do my trading fast. I got into a short position with 2 contracts, but since the general direction was up I got out of it fast with a profit of $50. Then I waited for a good opportunity to go in again in the right direction, and very soon had the opportunity. I entered with one contract, thinking of adding another one shortly if everything went well.

The market was having a struggle on the point I entered. I waited patiently, but then my daughter, who wanted me to take her out, came in. She is an ADHD child, and didn’t have today her after-school program so was getting bored and nervous. She threw a full-blown tantrum, shouting, crying and not letting me think clearly. I saw I had no way to trade this way, so I quit the position quickly with only $12.5. Minutes later the market’s struggle ended, and the market was flying up, I could have made another $100 very easily. At least it was only the demo, otherwise I would have so angry at my daughter!

I still was very angry at her, and frustrated. I am finally feeling my courage is getting back, and a good profit today would have given me a good boost. Now my going back to live trade will be delayed some more.

The time difference between NY and Israel, which makes the trading here better only on afternoon hours, is really annoying. It could have been so much easier to trade in the morning, when the kids are at school!


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