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Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 1 June 2010 2:26 pm

Yesterday was Memorial day in the USA, the stock exchange was closed and the Mini S&P trading was very slow that I decided to take the day off. Today I was so anxious to start already trading, I didn’t want to wait till the American stock exchange will open (especially as I have a doctor appointment for my son in the afternoon, exactly when the American stock exchange should open, and I am not sure when we will be back), so I traded before it open.

I do prefer trading in the afternoon, as then trading is fast and I can be in and out of a position in 2-3 minutes, or no more than 7-8 minutes. Now it was still moving slow. But I did it! The first position was a long with 3 contracts. I actually started with 2, and when the market went down I added another one in a lower price. The market took so long to go up I finally quit too quickly, so I did only $87.5 on it. I entered again a few minutes later with a short, in 2 contracts, and added another $100.

I finally restored my original $5,000 account! Now I hope I can finally make some *real* profit. I, and my bank account, are looking forward to it.

I wasn’t going to add here anything about politics, yet yesterdays events are too strong to ignore. Israel’s stupidity, the world’s hypocrisy, Turkey’s evil…. So here I am adding a short video showing how the Israeli soldiers were atted by the Turkish “peace activists” (“peace activists” has become lately a code name for “terror supporters”, a-la 1984s newtalk):

I would also like to add here links to 2 articles about this story:  One is from Honest Reporting, and the second from USA Today.


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