Diving In

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Monday 21 March 2011 8:50 pm

Today I dared a bit more in my live trading, and things got a bit scary…  Luckily I managed to get out with some profit.

The market seemed to be going down soon, though it was still stuck around a support line.  I thought of putting an order a bit under the line, waiting for the market to cross it, but was a bit afraid of it:  Each time I put it, I cancelled it a few seconds later. 

Finally the market did seem to get down, so I enterd on one contract.   Too bad, the market didn’t go down any further.  It played around the line, going up and down again but never crossing my entry point.  Finally I decided to get out and managed to do so with a small loss of $12.5.  I was proud of myself on not gambling and being mature enough to get out in time.

The market went a bit up, and then again headed down and got stuck on the same line.  I waited for quite a long time till it finally went down a bit further, at which I entered again on one position.  The market was still not deteremined enough, getting up and down till I finally entered on one more contract.  After some more time I managed to quit with a profit of $62.5.

Now the market headed down again.  I tried to enter with another contract, but the market was running away – escaping my orders.  Finally I managed to get through, but this was at almost the end of the dive.  It seemed the market will be going down more but it still didn’t, and I was cursing myself for trying again.  I tried to move up my take-profit point, but the modification didn’t catch and at one point I saw the platform wrote this down as if I am ordering a buying of 4 contracts!  I quickly cancelled that, and finally was able to quit with another profit of $25.


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