Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 25 May 2010 8:36 pm

Today I am a bit disappointed.  After yesterday’s profit I set my expectactions too high, and wanted to make over $200 every day of this week.  Well, this didn’t work.  Today I made $162.5 on 4 contracts, which means after deducing the broker’s fees I got $134.86.

Funny, last week I would be very happy with such a profit.  Only a few days have passed and  now I am disappointed.

So, what did we have today?  It was difficult for me to understand exactly what direction the market was taking, so I twice went out of the position too quickly.  On the first time I entered a short position with 2 contracts.  Then the market went up and I entered with another short in a higher position.  When the market finally went down I was so happy it was finally going down I exited with the original 2 on exactly the point I entered, so I did no make any profit on them.  The market went down a bit more and I made $137.5 with the third contract.

Since this profit wasn’t enough for my expectations I entered again some time later with one contract on a long.  Again the market was undecided, so finally I exited again a bit too early, and made only $25 on this position.


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