Didn’t manage to trade much today

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 23 November 2010 12:25 am

Today was a busy day. I tried to trade when I got home on the afternoon, with one kid, although I knew it wasn’t a good time: I soon had to go out and fetch her brother. Since I knew there wasn’t enough time, I didn’t even think about trading live. I opened the demo and entered one position. THe market took its time, and my older kid came in to my room to practice his guitar with me as an audience. Not the best environment for trade.

I exited one contract with a profit of $25, and left the platform open while I went out to fetch my other son from scool. When I came back the connection with the server was already lost, showing that at the time of lost connection the open contract was making $25. As it was the demo, closing and reopening the platform meant losing this position.

I waited for a good opportunity and entered a second position. The market again was taking its time, and when things finally seemed to move in the right direction both my younger kids came in to get me to drive them to their D&D class. I closed the contract with a small profit of $25, and went out. How can anyone trade with so much disturbances?


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