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Posted by Deb | Uncategorized | Friday 23 July 2010 5:41 pm

I am just checking in to say hello to my readers. Yesterday I couldn’t resist trading again, and I lost again (my daughter was whining and intefering in the critical moments – so I was a bad mommy AND a loser). Now the risk management team at my broker’s lowered my limit to $900 – then they will lock me out. Actually, at such a loss I will be locked out for good as my account is running very low now.

I must hold myself from trading for a while. I phoned the Transact hotline and finally figured out how to use the demo mode (which is called “live simulation” – the demo is for beginners who don’t have yet an account – that’s what confused me). I will allow myself to trade live again only after I win on at least five consecutive days on the simulation mode. Otherwise I will really be out of it. I will let you know how I am doing on this next week. Today I was too tired to try the demo mode. I didn’t sleep much at night.

Meantime I have to make some money by other means. No other choice. If any one here needs a freelance C++/C# programmer, let me know. Otherwise I will have to go back to full-time job, and actually there aren’t many of these.



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