I did it!

Posted by Deb | Uncategorized | Tuesday 21 September 2010 5:21 pm

I did it! I quit a losing position of one contract with a loss of $50, without moving the stop-loss or adding more contracts for “averaging out” or any other such tricks!

Those who are not following my blog for long may not know, but I have been struggling with my bad habit of moving the stop-loss further away when the position was losing, and also the habit of adding new contracts to losing positions without enough planning. Well, today I let the position lose on the original stop-loss point. Shortly after I had tried going into another position but then saw the market was still going against me so I quit immediately. The final position was a good one, so that my bottom line was of +$37.5. Since the whole process used about 5 contracts (I lost count of the contracts somewhere along this process), the net profit had this been live trading was close to zero, but I don’t mind. The important thing for me today was my acquiring again this ability to let a bad position go, quitting it when the loss is small. Moving the stop-loss or adding more positions can often give the position a new chance and end in a profit, but as I had learnt in the hard way, when it does not end in profit, it ends with a very bad loss which can erase the profit of many days.

I feel now more prepared to go back to live trading. I hope to do that soon, acharey hachagim as we say in Hebrew, after the holidays. I hope to be back trading in the last week of September. Good luck to me!


Another “Spoon” Profit

Posted by Deb | Uncategorized | Tuesday 31 August 2010 10:45 pm

I had another small profit today. $50 on 2 contracts. Not much really.

On the first position I could have gotten more. I quit too early, with only $37.5. In the second I position I think quit just on the right time – just before the market turned around and potentially making my position a losing one.

I don’t mind having for now only spoon profits (see my last post if you do not know what I am speaking about). I only wish I could stay away from the bucket losses!


I need a recovery-from-vacation period

Posted by Deb | Uncategorized | Wednesday 18 August 2010 11:25 pm

It takes so much time to get back from a vacation! So many things to put back in place (and I am such an untidied person), and I need time to rest and readjust! Just going over my email takes over an hour.

Between everything I had to do I didn’t have much time to trade today. I did $50 over one 2 contracts. Not very good, but at least it is a profit. The internet connection also wasn’t very good, which is frustrating as I have just now upgrade my internet connection.

The book I mentioned here, about the psychology of trading, has arrived. Now I have to find time to read it. Of course, I will write about it as I read.


Coming Back from Vacation

Posted by Deb | Uncategorized | Wednesday 18 August 2010 8:37 am

Hi Everyone,

You are probably wondering where I disappeared to. Sorry I forgot to post here that I am going on a few days vacation. I went camping with the kids. The heat and humidity was unbearable, but otherwise we enjoyed ourselves.

Anyway, we came back late yesterday night. We actually had a flat tire coming back, so this made our journey back longer, and we came in very late. I will post here again later today or tomorrow when things are back to normal.


I Changed My Theme!

Posted by Deb | Uncategorized | Wednesday 11 August 2010 10:53 am

How do you like the new look of this blog?

I decided the old one gave a dim impression, and was a bit depressing.  This theme has more happy colors.  I don’t like the business men on top:  It sends the wrong message, as if the work of trading belongs to men only, with no women around.  But overall, this theme is happier, so I am having this one for now.

I have to do a few more changes, as giving the ads a more appropiate color, and also the registering to my newsletter doesn’t fit.  I’ll do it over the next few days.  Anyway, I am excited about his change.  Congratulations to me!


More Profit on the Demo

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey,Uncategorized | Friday 6 August 2010 5:05 pm

I had lots of work today, and finally got to trading at 16:45, 15 minutes after the market opened.  When I opened the charts I realized I had just missed a major fall, which could have given me a good opportunity to a big profit (or a big loss, of course).

Anyway, when I came in the market was going back up, and seemed like it will continue going up for a bit more.  After watching for about 10 minutes I decided to try getting into a long position.  That was a good move.  After less than 5 minutes I was out with $87.5 on 2 contracts.

I wanted to get a bigger profit, so I tried again with one contract.  At the first 2 minutes it seemed I was wrong, the market seemed to be going down again.  Soon it changed direction, and I went out after 3 ticks, giving me a total of $125 on 3 contracts for today.

Good.  I am feeling a bit reassured.  I am not yet ready for “real” trading, but my confidence is slowly returning.  Though I cannot allow myself any more losses, so it will be yet some time before I will pass from the simulator to live trading.


Have You Ever Written an eBook?

Posted by Deb | Uncategorized | Thursday 5 August 2010 10:58 pm

I plan to write one some day. When I will finally know how to consistantly make profits from day trading, and I’ll become rich, I will write an eBook to teach others how to do it too.  Than I will sell this eBook and have even more moeny. What will I do with all this money? I am sure I will find what to do with it. Some I will give to charity, some I will keep for my kids, and with the rest I will live well.  Those are my fantasies.

If you want to make things shorter and write your eBook now, or create your profitable video series, and make money, you should be checking the Info Prodigy.  The Info Prodigy is a course created by Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton, two internet millionaires. I have taken once another internet course they have created, about living off virtual shops, and it was great. I have not become a millionaire – maybe I am too lazy, and probably I was not born to be an eMarketing. I am a very lousy marketer. But the course was excellent, and from other videos I saw it seems these two really know what they are doing.

In this course Tim & Steve teach how to find a good niche for crfeating your digital information products (eBooks or videos), how to do your research about it, how to write, and finally how to market it in the most successful way so that you can make a good profit.

I have not yet seen the actual course, it is not out yet, but I am sure it will be good.  If this sounds interesting, check out their sales page, in which you get a free report that explains their system.  It sounds promising.

(If you were wondering – yes, the above links are affilate links.  If you will become a millionaire out of this course, I am entitled to my little share, aren’t I?)

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