One More Fascinating Talk by Melanie Phillips

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More Cancer

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The situation of my friend RivkA of whom I told about here yesterday is still critical, and today I heard that another friend of mine was also diagnosed lately with breat cancer. I don’t know yet what her situation yes, or what level is her cancer. Both women are mothers of 3 (like me), but RivkA’s children are older, and the kids at least have a father who can take care of them. This other woman, whose name I won’t mention here as not everyone around knows yet about it, is a single mother like me, and her kids are even younger: all under 8. Luckily she lives near her parent, so they are probably helping to take care of the kids, but this is frightening. I feel for her and for her kids. When you are the single parent of kids, it is so much responsibility to bear even when all is well.

Anyway, this brings my life and troubles into proportion. I think I will fix up an appointment with a doctor soon and have a full check-up myself.


Now I checked RivkA’s blog again. She had passed away this morning. Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet. (Blessed is the True Judge. That is what Jews say when they here about someone who has just passed away).

RivkA Matitya z"l

Read about her in the Jerusalem Post Today.



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I have known RivkA for many years now. Probably almost 15 years now.

When I first met her, I saw a nice, wise, happy and energetic red-headed woman. She is what we call in Hebrew a Gingit (red-headed). I liked her, but we were not close.

Then she moved away, and I didn’t see her often. When I did see her, she told me she had breast cancer. Thankfully she caught it early. She had her Chemo, and she seemed over it. She spoke about it very openly, and I admired her.

Then it came again, and this time it was very violent. It was level 4 cancer. But RivkA, as always, optimistic and energetic, didn’t give in. She lived her life, took care of her kids, and inspired everyone around. You can read about it all in her blog, Coffee and Chemo.

Last week the situation became critical. She is now in the hospital, with family and friends around, all very concerned.

Please read her blog, but not only from the last week, where her friend posts about her condition. Read what she wrote in the last few weeks and months. Watch the videos of the inspirational talk she gave about cancer.

If you are the praying type of person, please pray for RivkA bat Tiertzel. If you are not a praying person, please just send any positive, healing thoughts you can her way. We need a miracle now.