What Can We Expect for the US Dollar, Gold and Oil in the Year 2015?

Posted by Deb | Guest Post,Investments | Monday 15 June 2015 8:28 pm

This last year, 2014, will undoubtedly take its place in the history. During 2014, risks had been growing around Ukraine and the Middle East. One of the main events of the year was the collapse of oil prices. In June, 2014 barrel costed about 115$, but in the last days of the year quotes slumped to  56$.

What Can we expect for the year 2015?

Oil market

The main reasons for the oil prices collapse in 2014 were:

  • Increase of hydrocarbons production in the USA from 9.8 to 11.5 mln barrels per day;
  • Recession in countries of the European Union led to decrease in consumption and prices of hydrocarbons;
  • Growth of supply in Iran planning to increase production twice and Libya’s return to the market;
  • Technological factor: improvement of technology of production and decrease of prime cost as the result.

Currently, one can witness a disproportion between demand and supply: Every  day,  the level of oil production exceeds the market  demand by 600-700 thousand of barrels.

Analytics of the US investment banks assume that sometime during the first two quarters of 2015 year this index can grow up to 1.25 mln barrels per day. This factor will put a strong pressure on oil quotations,  so that we may see  again the low values  of 2008, when the  cost of Brent was $36 per barrel.

US dollar

The main global currency was boosted by the growth of the US economy which was growing with the fastest pace of the last 11 years. The US department of commerce revised its GDP estimation and defined it up to 5% per annum. Such estimation was justified by a higher consumer demand  and expenses of business. It was the fastest pace since 2003. It had been reported earlier that US economy grew for 3.9%.

This intensive growth in 2014 lays a solid foundation for 2015 and we can expect that the US currency will be consolidated against its major competitors.


Finally,  let’s talk about gold. Since there is no inflation risk in the USA – on the contrary, deflation presses Europe - there is no ground for traders to invest in gold: savings are not depreciated. This can make the precious metals less popular and quotes of gold may get to $1100 per ounce.

Confident growth of the US economy will support global markets through 2015, whereas low oil prices will have a positive effect for the economic growth in general.


Online Forex Trading

Posted by Deb | Forex,Guest Post | Tuesday 29 October 2013 1:14 am

Is there anything today that cannot be done via the internet? Aside from smell (which they are working on) and taste, we find ourselves more and more living in a virtual world.

As little as 20 years ago, most investors invested through the services of a broker. Often orders were taken via the telephone, but mostly it took a personal visit to the broker’s office in order to get an order filled. Physical tickets were handled and floor runners ran to the market floor to place a trade.

Practically all trading is done today online. It is faster and more convenient and highly impersonal. Traders need never meet the broker who places the trade and are totally ignorant of whether or not their money is handled properly.

Forex, or foreign exchange, trading began in 1997 and was conducted by big players such as financial institutions, international banks and wealthy investors with substantial portfolios of over $1,000,000. Forex began as an online investment and continues to be the largest financial market in the world despite the fact that there is no physical marketplace.

Over the years, Forex brokers opened their doors to individual traders and with the lackluster performances of the stock and bond markets, many traders have moved their monies over to Forex.

Forex traders bet on the movement of the price of the currency. The U.S dollar is considered the strongest currency and the EUR/USD is the most popular currency pair traded.  A host of commodities such as gold and petroleum products are internationally priced in dollars and require payment in US dollars only.

Many factors determine Forex prices including economic factors such as interest rates and inflation. In addition, political issues and social changes create price fluctuations. Often these reactions are short lived but they are enough to make a Forex trader lose a substantial amount of money.  A surplus or shortage of a currency can cause major fluctuations in the Forex rate of any currency.

Forex markets are open 24/5 on a continuous 24-hour basis and are not governed by the rules of any particular country. However, in order to protect the individual investor, most Forex firms are regulated by a supervisory agency and must comply with the regulator’s stipulations.

Bitcoin trading operates in a similar nature to Forex trading.  This popular virtual currency can be traded online against other currencies and transactions can be completed in mere seconds.  Although there is no reputable regulation yet, there are many movements to have this form of trading regulated in the near future.

Online Forex

Anyone interested in trading Forex can open an account with the myriad of online Forex brokers. The sites are informative and interactive. They can provide the novice trader the information needed to get started. Some sites, however, can be overwhelming and often the beginner gets lost in the maze of data. It is advisable for any new trader to read the online review sites, such as Daily Forex, to compare the features offered by each brokers.

Before placing your first trade, it is essential that you understand the world of Forex. Online tutorials are usually provided on the broker’s site. In addition, free courses, such as FX Academy.com  are offered to those who wish to delve deeper into how Forex works in order to emerge as a successful trader.

The most important feature to look for is the broker’s free demo account. This provides you with the opportunity to trade for several months with virtual money. Practice makes perfect and the more experience you have under your belt before trading in a real account, the more chance you have of coming out ahead. Jump in too soon and you can expect losses.

When you do open a real account, ease into trading by using only the minimum amount required. Often this can be as low as $500. Try to avoid leveraging your account. Trading on margin is a sure way to lose your money and most brokers are only too eager to provide you with up to 200:1 leverage.  Don’t fall for that trap.

A trader must know when to pull out of the trading arena. It takes a lot of time and knowledge to predict the right time to buy or sell but here’s a rule of thumb: If you’ve made some money, don’t be greedy. Pull out while you can. If you have lost money, don’t wait to lose every cent in hopes that things will turn around. Pull out and use whatever funds are left to buy again later. Don’t let your emotions rule.




Three Most Popular Chart Patterns in Forex Trading

Posted by Deb | Forex,Guest Post | Monday 26 August 2013 11:31 pm

There are many set-ups you can use when trading currencies. Many of them may appear like it’s sound and can bring you profits but be warned – there are many set-ups that can only result in a loss.

Forex traders can minimize some of the trial and error involved by using the chart patterns that have been proven by other forex traders as effective and have proven to be profitable set-ups.

Channel Pattern

The channel pattern is one of the most recognizable patterns in forex charts because it looks quite distinctive. It is two parallel trend lines that enclose price. These lines essentially govern the trend. Trades are usually entered that follow the trend – in this case, when the price bounces off one of the trend lines. Your profit target is usually within the domain of the opposite trend line. This set-up and strategy is quite profitable and if you have made the correct assumptions, you can ride the trend as it moves within the range and between the two trend lines. Even when the price penetrates the trend lines, there is still the opportunity to earn since the trader can then trade on the breakouts.

Double Top

A double top is another very recognizable set-up. The double top happens when the price of the currency tests the resistance level on two different occasions and is not able to break the resistance. When this happens the price now breaks and assumes a bearish movement. When a trader sees this pattern on his chart he will commence his trade when the price breaks the neckline and then the trend is joined when the price begins the pullback to the broken neckline. You will have a 73 percent chance of a successful trade using this pattern, which is quite high.

Asymmetric Triangle

The asymmetric triangle can be identified by looking the chart and looking for an asymmetric triangle where there is a trend line and one horizontal level that price will usually be able to penetrate. Trading with an asymmetric triangle pattern is similar to how you trade double tops – trade is entered after the currency price pulls back and goes to the broken horizontal level. But this trade is done with a strict stop loss and only of the risk/reward is 1:5:1. The asymmetric triangle has a success rate of 76%, which is very high.

These three patterns are quite effective in providing forex traders with a useful and tested way of plotting out a strategy and giving signals on when to enter into a trade. These three patterns pass the forex traders text of being profitable patterns regardless of the currency pair used.

About The Author

Mario Singh talks more about forex strategies at his website Askmariosingh.com


SEC and CFTC Binary Options Alert

Posted by Deb | Binary Options,Guest Post | Sunday 21 July 2013 10:46 pm

The fact is simple; trading binary options is profitable and risky. You know your exposure to loss on the on-set of the trade. This has given binary option trading a boost in its popularity. The simplicity of entering binary options trades and making money out of it has provided many people a respite from grueling economic times.

The binary options market has expanded so much in the recent past years. People from an average economy class to big organizations are involved in trading binary options. However, according to a latest SEC and CFTC binary options alert, many innocent investors have become a victim of corrupt business practices. This alert has detailed every possible type of fraud that a newbie investor can become a victim of; such as a platform that is designed, to run against you and providing you wrong signals, refusal or delay in crediting the profits that you make on your trades and sometimes even identity theft.

The binary options alert from SEC and CFTC also highlights certain regulatory requirements that some platforms are failing to comply with. In the alert, SEC states that because of non-compliance with registration requirements such as registering as ‘Futures Commission Merchant’ or ‘Registered Broker-dealers’, entering a trade becomes illegal. This could result in a legal action against your broker, endangering your trades.

The alert also highlights the importance of carefully researching and investigating the platform that you are about to choose. In this alert, investors have been provided with tips on how to ascertain that their chosen platform is clean. First off, you should check if the binary options trading platform has registered with the SEC. Secondly check if the platform has registered itself as an exchange. Thirdly, check if the platform is designated as a contract market. The (SEC and CFTC) alert provides investors with sources from which you can ascertain the required information. The sources are FINRA BrokerCheck, BASIC Search, CFTC website, EDGAR and SEC website.

You should be very careful with whom you place your hard earned money and sensitive information. Nobody wants his credit card information get stolen and maliciously used. With this alert at hand, you now know what exact legal notorieties you should be looking for while investigating a particular options company and its platform. The binary options market is relatively a new phenomenon, and regulators will take time to make trading with them securer. Until that time, you should keep yourself updated with such binary options alerts.

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Intellitraders.com is a free online trading community to help traders learn and trade binary options with best regulated brokers.


How To Control Your Risks In Binary Options Trading

Posted by Deb | Binary Options,Guest Post | Monday 8 July 2013 8:45 pm

You can get plenty of advice on making investments. But, arguably, the best one has to come from the world’s most successful investor, Warren Buffet: “Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Don’t forget rule No. 1.” It is pretty general but it is the kind of statement you want to be reminded of every time you are itching to do a risky trade. When you are venturing into binary options, know that there are risks to be had if you are not well prepared for the market.


Growing GraphWhen you are just starting out, it pays to invest first in knowledge before you actually get to jump into trading. Any successful investor knows that you should master the basics. Learn the lingo or relevant terminologies, as in “put” (when you presume the value of an asset will be lower than when it was bought) and “call” (when you presume the value of an asset will be higher than when it was bought). Learn about trading platforms and which ones will be easy to use and come with comprehensive features. Learn about the different trading strategies. Mastering the basics will let you maximize your win rates and minimize your losses.


In addition to learning the basics in binary options trading, you should try to practice your newfound knowledge by opening a demo account. Demo accounts are ideal for beginner traders because they can be great training tools. You receive practice funds, which are not real money, and you get to participate in the market, applying the strategies you have learned for a set period. When you open a demo account, make sure that you do not have to pay a deposit, as most brokers will offer them for free. Also, you need to clarify whether the broker you are opening a demo account with will obligate you to sign up for a live account.


Trading on MoneyFinally, get trade analysis from reliable and credible sources. Trading analyses can help you place your trades on any asset — from stocks to indices —to favorable outcomes. You will want to go with sources that combine technical with fundamental analysis in order to come up with sound projections on certain assets. You also want to go with sources that rely on actual analysts, as opposed to robots.


Any financial investment can be filled with risks. The key is to control those risks so that you do not end up losing money in the process. With binary options, remember to master the basics. Try to get a practice run with a demo account. And obtain simple yet good analysis from good sources.


Author Bio

Sarah Miller – a freelance writer and blogger who is currently writing in behalf of http://www.binaryoptionsexperts.com.  She is a business consultant by profession and a content creator, writer and blogger by passion. Having been exposed to the different aspects and faces of businesses, she frequently does research on useful information regarding the different methods and techniques to further improve business marketing, sales, performance and shares her passion of business management through blog/content writing.


10 Steps To Maximising Online Profits

Posted by Deb | Guest Post | Monday 3 December 2012 5:46 pm

Running an online business has some very important advantages over brick and mortar business: You can easily track and optimise your business and it is more cost effective. Do you own an online business and want to increase your profits and expand your existing business to the next level, but are worried about the appropriate ways and means to find the best strategies to popularise your ecommerce site? Following are some of the best practises for upgrading your website visibility and maximising your profits.10 Steps To Maximising Online Profits

Optimise your site for Search Engines: The main idea behind optimising your site for search engines is making your site appear in the search engine results page when searching with specific keywords. You choose keywords and phrases that relate to your business. There are many companies which specialize in the field of SEO and help you optimise your site for search engines like Google and Bing. You can also try implementing SEO techniques on your own by using internet.

Pay per Click Advertising: Pay per click is usually connected to SEO as a site traffic building tool, but is very different. With the Pay per click you make ads for some of the specific keywords and phrases used are often searched by users and place them on the search engines like Google. If a user clicks on your ads click you have to pay per each click. It is useful mainly for the newly created ecommerce websites but also for many of veteran websites.

Issue a E-Newsletter: This is one of the best ways to bring potential traffic to the website. You can publish a newsletter to inform your customers that you have released a product or service in the market. It enables you to keep your customers updated about your products and directs them to visit your site and in this way increase your sales. Publishing a newsletter is also easy and inexpensive. The important thing here is to have a large and potential database and give value added content.

Write a Blog Post: This is another great way to bring essential traffic to your site, which will also help increasing your page rank on the search engines. Updating and adding content on the blog is rather easy when comparing to adding content to an existing website, while search engines will view both blog and website equally. Research the latest developments in your field and write about it in a way which can help your targeted audience.
Exchange Links and other link building activities: Create inbound and outbound links is most time tested process, though results can only be seen after a long time. Do your link building activities manually, never use automatic tools as this many not give desired results.

Use Social Media: Many social media platforms were initially started for personal use but later on evolved to being used for promoting business services and products. Advertising your business on social media sites may require some strategies. Use Facebook and Twitter pages for your business site which can help increase traffic.
Advertise your site Offline: Promoting your site offline is also very important and is often neglected by business owners. Implementing PPC, SEO, Social media tools to your site can greatly influence your sales but at the same it is also essential to advertise your site offline as your customers are present in the real physical world.

Make your website look professional: Make website look professional in looks and site designing style. Don’t let your site look like an amateur work. You have to modify site to look professional, it is worth hiring professional web designers and copy writers.

Make your website load faster: Do not build your site with all flash and animation as it will make the website loading time longer. Most users will stay over for 2 to 4 seconds on website, if it is taking more time to load then you have to find the ways to decrease your website load timing.

Generate positive online reviews: Many online shoppers will rely on reviews so it’s essential for you to generate positive online reviews. If there is any criticism be sure to explain what happened, this helps to maintain a good online reputation.

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Hi there, I am Maria from Manchester, a passionate writer and a blogger. I write about everything in general but currently researching on PPI Claims. Follow me @financeport


Best Ways to Invest in Forex Market with Little Money

Posted by Deb | Forex,Guest Post | Thursday 25 October 2012 2:42 am

In the present day scenario every banker and cooperate agencies provide 24/7 marketing facilities in trading currencies. FOREX market is more flexible with online access but is a risky job, yet many prefer it because investors with very little money can intend to gain larger profits.

• Choose the best way to invest your money: FOREX is a biggest financing market which took over even the US stock market by making a turnover of 4 trillion dollars each day.

• Contact with a reliable broker: As FOREX possesses many terms and conditions, check whether the chosen trader follows the rules and regulations or not. To do so, you can log on any governments sites and enter your broker’s name to get their complete details.

• Software: Install software’s such as Metatrader 4 which provides the complete view of current prices and gives alerts on technical analysis.

• Educational financial institutes: Search for best networking websites to enhance the knowledge on trading market along with basics statistics and free guidelines on traders and trading styles.

Tips while investing in FOREX market:

• If you are new to this create a mini FOREX trading account initially

• Take advice from the traders who are already into this market.

• Track the currency fluctuations in market in areas such as GOLD, OIL and STOCK markets

• Make a point to be stick only one pair of currency whereas most common pairs are listed as USD/JPY and EUR/USD

• Undergo various money management steps to increase profits and reduce bigger losses

• Try to invest only 80% of your money on stocks market. For instant you are holding £1000 and invested in stocks, if there is a sudden fall of price to $0 then the complete amount invested will be lost. So as in FOREX you can lose more than invested, hence make a point to invest only 80% of money

• Make multiple transactions instead of one big transaction

• Look out for the dealers controlled by the law and avoid fraudsters

• In FOREX you have an option to withdraw or cancel your order if you’re unable to manage funds for your chosen pair of currencies.

• Try investing in safer deals and make sure to maintain a track all your expenses while undergoing huge profits or loss. To overcome from such sudden crises you can make use of same day cash loans which can be get approved for any emergency with minimal processing time and higher interest rates. These are short term loans in order to get instant cash which can be repaid by their next pay cheque.

Therefore as mentioned above FOREX is a risky investment market where you can intend to lose your earned cash and fall into financial crises but with proper research and good management you can reap profits. Hence ensure to take safer steps to gain revenues and double your invested money.

About the Author:
The guest post was contributed by Alicia, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport

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