Today’s Trading

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 8 February 2011 5:38 pm

Today I had no internet connection problems. That was a nice change! I opened the Transact, and immediately got a good connection.

The market seemed to be about to be going up, so I entered a long position on two contracts. The market went up immediately, and the first profit was taken on $37.5. I put a second limit 3 pips higher, and sat waiting. The market went up 1 pips, 2 pips, down again to 1, up to 2…. I should have stopped there and take the profit, but I got stubborn,

Then of course, the market went down again. I added another contract and waited. The market went down and up. Finally I went out on both contracts, taking in total $75 on 3 contracts. Less than what I could have taken 10 minutes earlier with only 2 contracts. Oh Well.


Another Small Success

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 3 February 2011 5:40 pm

Another small success today. I entered the market on the end of a climbing up movement, catching the few last pips. I entered with one contract, then a second. I exited the first contract quite quickly, collecting a small profit of $37.5. The market climbed up very slowly, getting stuck on a profit of $25 on the second. Mistakenly, I waited for it to go up a bit more, but it didn’t. When it went a few pips down I entered one more contract, and finally exited with a total profit of $70 over 3 contracts.


Playing it Big

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 2 February 2011 7:11 pm

Yesterday, I did not have much time to trade. I opened the platform in simulator mode, put a short order on a resistance line, and then got interrupted by the kids. The market when up a lot yesterday, so when I remembered to look back at it I was at a big loss.

Today I tried again, and as it seemed today the market will be soon going down I put a long order. I wasn’t sure at what line it will turn down, and anyway I wanted to “make up” for yesterday’s loss, so I put 4 contracts on different positions. The market went down till the last order caught, and even a bit more, so I added 3 more contracts. When it finally did turn back, I needed already to go out to fetch the kids. If it was on actual trading mode, I would have stopped at that stage and taken the $62.5 I already had, but as it was a simulator I let it move more.

When I came back I was already on a profit of $362.5. I decided to quit the position with that, as the market seemed now to go down again, but as the platform didn’t immeidately respond to my order I pressed twice, and got myself into a new short position with 3 contracts. Soon after I was able to collect another profit of $100 of this position.

Bottom line: $462.5 over 10 contracts. Too bad this wasn’t a live trade!


Good Again

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Monday 31 January 2011 7:36 pm

Today was another good day.

When I opened the trading platform it seemed the market will soon go down. I put a short order of 2 contracts on the next resistance line and waited. The market went slowly up, but then I worried it won’t go up enough. I already saw a few cases when the market stopped just one pips before the resistance line and turned back, without reaching it. I decided to add one more order one pips before the resistance line.

The single order caught fast, and about a minute later the double order caught too. The market went up one or two more pips, and then turned down. My profit points caught very quickly, and I exited with $112.5 over 3 contracts. Yay! I hope I am starting a good trend.


Another Success!

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Friday 28 January 2011 12:22 pm

Today I again found some time to trade in the morning, and used it well. Again it took a few tries to get a good internet connection with the Transact platform (even in my living room…), but finally got it.

The market appeared to be just about to be going up, so I entered a long position on two contracts. It took a few minutes to be caught, but when it did – up went the market and I was winning!

I put the first profit order after 3 pips and that caught very quickly. The second one, though, took some time. I moved it back to get 5 pips, and that took long I added one more contract in a higher point. That proved not to be a very good move: The market was slow. The second order finally caught and I was winning $100, and was stuck waiting for the third.

Finally I pulled that back too to have only one pips, and that caught. I got $112.5 over 3 contracts.

A few minutes later the market finally went up one more pips, but I am glad I went out when I did. I prefer not to be stuck in long positions: It takes out too much energy from me.


Back on Track

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 27 January 2011 7:55 pm

Today was the day my subscription to the Sierra graphs was over. I debated with myself if I really want to spend more money on this. Finally, I decided I do want to give it another try.

Since I decided to be serious about it, this time when my connection was bad I didn’t give up: I moved to the living room where the connection is better, and was ready to get the cable and work with a wired internet connection but then I got a good connection and didn’t need it.

Just before I moved myself to the other room the market looked ready for a big dive. When I got my good connection the dive already started. I put a short order but the market was running away from me – going down too quickly. I put another order on one short contract a bit lower, but again didn’t catch the market which was diving down. The third order finally caught, and immediately became a winning position. A few pips down the way I added a second contract, and finally exited with a profit of $112.5 on 2 contracts. All this took less than 5 minutes.

That was encouraging!


Trading in the Morning

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 26 January 2011 4:46 pm

As I had told her before, it is difficult for me to trade in the “right” hours, when the market is open. The time difference makes it very busy hours for me: that’s the time when my kids are home, and I don’t have enough uninterrupted time. Yesterday was no exception: I didn’t have time to trade in the morning (when I tried the market was far too slow to do anything). In the afternoon my kids needed me, and I couldn’t trade. I actually did open the platform and placed an order in the simulater mode, but then got distracted with my kids and forgot all about it. When I came back to it it was no surprise the position had lost.

Today trading was faster in the morning, so I did try. On my first try, I put a short order in a winning place, but then the internet connection was lost. As the simulator does not save orders or positions, I had to restart. The market had gone down meantime as I had guessed it would, so I was disappointed the previous position was lost. Nontheless, it looked like the market would continue to go down so I entered again a short position.

Of course, just then the market went up again and I lost $75. I decided not to give up and put again a short order. This time the market went as predicted. Finally I was out with a net of $137.5! The second position had won $212.5 on 5 conracts! That was a good boost to me, after being far from trading for so long.

Tomorrow I have to resubscribe to the Sierra charts. Had I been losing today, I probably wouldn’t want to spend more money on this. Now I am encouraged to continue playing with this.

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