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Posted by Deb | Uncategorized | Thursday 15 July 2010 9:46 pm

This morning I wasn’t at all sure if I will be trading today. Part of me felt I should have a whole week off trading. But next Tuesday is Tisha B’Av, which is highly unappropiate day to start trading again. When I came back from my current part-time work and picked up all kids from their day camps I sat near my laptop, and was still unsure if I would be trading today. But somehow I did open the Transact platfrom and Sierra charts, and took a look. Actually I first tried to start the platform in a demo mode, but it didn’t let me. I really should check this with my broker, I thought that by opening a trading account I automatically get rights to use the platfrom also in demo mode. Anyway, that forced me to open it in live mode.

I looked at the situation, identified support/resistance lines, but the time was 16:12 – not enough time to start trading and be sure to be out of it before official trade opening time which is 16:30 in Israel’s time. So I just took a look, and went on my business, reading email etc. At 16:35 I took another look, but was not sure what I should do. There was a financial report scheduled at 17:00, so I decided to trade only after that.

At 17:10 I realized I haven’t took a look again at the situation. I opened everything again and saw the market was in the middle of diving down. I didn’t have much time to trade (my son had his animation lesson at 17:30), so I quickly joined the diving. I was still very cautious, so I did 3 very quick positions, each one on one contract and exiting after only 2 ticks, meaning I got today only a small profit of $75 (or actually $54 after deducting the fees). I probably could have done much better with the strong diving, but that was enough for today. I still have to get things slowly.

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