Back to Normal

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 22 June 2010 7:12 pm

Trading seems to be getting back to normal after my last loss. Today I made $175 on 3 contracts:

The first position was on 2 contracts. I entered with one, than added a second, and exited after about 15 minutes with $125. Since I felt things were going well I decided I can let myself go back to the profit expectation I had set myself, a net of $150 (profit minus fees). I entered again with one more contract, and exited pretty quickly (less than 5 minutes) with an addtional profit of $50, which got me to my goal.

I wish things will go smoothly from now on!

I added today a new page of general trading tips – please take a look and give me your comments. It is in the “pages” section here on the right.

Back to politics, or maybe just humanity:  My recommended reading for today is this blog post in the American ThinkerShouldn’t We All Be Israelis Now?


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