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Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 27 January 2011 7:55 pm

Today was the day my subscription to the Sierra graphs was over. I debated with myself if I really want to spend more money on this. Finally, I decided I do want to give it another try.

Since I decided to be serious about it, this time when my connection was bad I didn’t give up: I moved to the living room where the connection is better, and was ready to get the cable and work with a wired internet connection but then I got a good connection and didn’t need it.

Just before I moved myself to the other room the market looked ready for a big dive. When I got my good connection the dive already started. I put a short order but the market was running away from me – going down too quickly. I put another order on one short contract a bit lower, but again didn’t catch the market which was diving down. The third order finally caught, and immediately became a winning position. A few pips down the way I added a second contract, and finally exited with a profit of $112.5 on 2 contracts. All this took less than 5 minutes.

That was encouraging!


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