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Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 30 November 2010 3:04 pm

This week is a very busy week for me. Lots of activities for the kids, lots of things to do. Yesterday I didn’t really have time to trade. When I finally did try, the market was very low. I wasn’t sure if it was still closed for Helloween, or if it was just my connection. Anyway I decided to take the day off trading.

Today I traded a bit in the morning. I was very cautious, not wanting to lose again after Friday. The first position was on one contract in the long direction. Unfortunately, the market didn’t seem to go up. I quit in the same price I went in, making no profit and losing only the broker fee.

The second position was a short one. I meant it to be on one contract, but somehow the platform’s response was too slow so I hit twice and go in with 2 contracts. The market was very slot to go down. I quit with the first contract after 2 pips, making a small profit of $25. The second limit order was after 4 pips, and the market got there but it didn’t get caught. Then the market went a bit up. I was quite sure it will go down again, but was still very cautious so I quit on that contract also taking only 2 pips. So the net was $50 on 3 pips.

(A few minutes later the market did indeed go down, in more than those 4 pips. Of course!)


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