Another Disaster

Posted by Deb | Big Loss | Friday 17 June 2011 4:37 pm

I am already ashamed to write of these things. I am so stupid.

I had a fight with my neighbor’s son over the parking. This family always park their car blocking my access to or from my own parking space. He was very rude and tried to shout at me. I remained poker-faced, telling him to stop shouting at me.

When I started trading after this I was boiling inside. I didn’t really feel it, but I traded foolishly. I quit my first position (over 2 contracts) with a loss of $287.5. Somehow this helped me feel better. I know, I am crazy. I decided I will win the next position. I entered again, and quit with a total loss of $400.

I tried a few more positions of 1 contract each, and went back to a loss of $312.5. Than I entered one more position, and quit with a total loss of $500.

Stupid, stupid me. How will I control this impulsiveness of mine? Sometimes I think I need to get some Ritalin (I know I have untreated ADD), or just some calming remedy before trading. I probably should have done this today.

Ok. I have to start calming myself before trading. I also have to start doing the Atkins Diet. So much for my resolutions.


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