Abiding to My Rules

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey,Uncategorized | Wednesday 30 June 2010 10:03 pm

Today I was a good girl.  I didn’t break my rules.

I didn’t have time to trade today on my regular hours, around the opening of trade in NY.  It was the last day of school, and my daughter was out from school early.  I took her with me to get the dog vaccinated, then we did some groceries.  Then we had to fetch her brother.  I promised her to get today new crocs, so we all headed to the mall, got new crocs for her and her twin brother, deodorant for the 11-going-on-16 older brother, and then I drove her to her swimming lesson.  Than we went all out for dinner to celebrate the end of year…  You get it.  No time for myself.

I finally got to the computer at about 8:30 PM, but couldn’t have yet a moment to myself:  Every few minutes one of the children (or the dog) needed something from me.  It was very difficult to trade this way.  I waited almost 20 minutes for the right time to enter a short position, but when the moment finally came my daughter came in to show me some cute art thing she brought back from school, and the opportunity was lost.

Finally I was able to enter a position.  I was very cautious and didn’t let myself any risks.  I added one more contract, then got out quickly, so I made only $50 on 2 contracts.

On a nomral day I would go on waiting for another opportunity, but I decided I would today abide to my rules and be cautious.  One position was enough for today.  So I held back and closed the platform.

I hope tomorrow will be an easier (and better) day.


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