A Real Thriller

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 16 January 2013 8:11 pm

I have been trading on the demo for the last few days, never losing, always making a very small profit. I decided I should wait until I make more on the demo before I get back to live trading, as I have to gain more confidence. I was thinking this morning that maybe when I see I am making bigger profits on the demo I could go back to live trading and make there small profits, or at least not loose money.

As usual, I started trading today on the demo. The entered with one position, than added two more. The graphs were clearly indicating the market would be going down, so I waited confidently until it did, and finally made a bigger profit: $125 on 3 contracts!

At this point I decided to try a small live trading. The graphs still indicated the market will be going down, and I wanted to try. I was anxious, not knowing what I should do, but driven to open the live trading.

I entered with one contract, added one more, and waited. And waited. And waited. The market was struggling with no end. I was biting my fingers, praying, cursing and blessing myself for going live, and waiting anxiously. The market was going up – against me – but I decided that today I will be confident in myself. So I waited and waited, and – voila! Tha market went down. It didn’t go down much, but finally I quit with a small profit of $37.5 on 2 contracts.  A small profit, but a good start.

I do not feel ready yet for real live trading. I hope I will have the strength to avoid this temptation a bit longer. I should first have more positive experience and confidence on the demo before going live. My adrenalin is still high, my heart rate is still high, I need to be less anxious. Anyway, today was a good boost.



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