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Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Friday 27 August 2010 4:35 pm

Today all went well. Well, actually, when I first opened the platform it froze again, and I started thinking to myself: Oh no, more internet connection problems. But I closed it and opened again, and again, and on the third time all worked well.

I entered a position rather quickly, and went out in about 4 minutes. As always, I quit a bit to early, so I made only $75 over 2 contracts, instead of the $150 I could. That doesn’t matter right now, as I am just playing with it for now, trying to have as much success days as I can. I am not sure when exactly I will go back to live trade, but I assume it will be in another 2-3 weeks or something like that. Meantime I am working on getting myself other sources of income, as I had decided it is healthy for me right now to rely on trading as a source of income. I want to have the freedom to play with it for a while, without the pressure of having to make a living from it.

I am still reading the book I wrote about, “Mind Games”. I am not sure I agree with everything they say there, but I do enjoy this book. I hope to bring here more insights from this book in the next few days.


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