A Bears Market

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 16 November 2010 7:20 pm

Today the market is diving down. It started yesterday, and it still is.

When I opened the platform the S&P was at 1083. Then my internet connection went bad. I have to fix it one day! When my kids are playing with the Wii I can’t get the internet in my room and have to move to the living room. When I got to the living room it was already at 1080. I entered, and then of course the market went up. I decided again not to quit too early. I added another contract to “even out” and indeed the market went down again. Still I was now not sure of myself and quit early, with a small profit of $37.5 over 3 contracts. Then the market continued to go down and I entered again and again, and the total for today was $162.5 on 5 contracts.

Then I thought to myself: With such a market, why don’t I trade live? I quit the simulator and started the Transact again as live, but could not get a connection. I guess the volumes are now too high for my pc. After 3 tries I decided it is a sign for me to stop. I will trade live some other time. Too bad. The market has gone down already another 2 points, but without me.


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