Do you play the guitar, or any other instrument?

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey,Uncategorized | Sunday 5 January 2014 12:37 am

This post here is completely off-topic. I wanted to tell you about my new business: I decided to start selling on Amazon. I have opened a new brand for music accessories, and have just launched my first product: A Metronome Tuner. It is a cute little device, very easy to use, with great capabilities: It has automatic-mode tuning for guitars and bass, and chromatic mode / tone generator for tuning other instruments. When tuning, you can see on its large LCD screen very clearly how far you are from the right tone.

In the metronome mode you can change between 8 rhythm variations, and also select your tempo and beat. The device an adjustable voulume control, so you can choose if you prefer a quiet nudging sound or a loud sound, which can be heard well even when you are playing.

The metronome has a support clip with which you can place comfortably on a chair, table or piano so you can see the screen clearly while playing or tuning.

As you can see, I am excited about this device, and about this new business venture in general. I really recommend it for any musicians out there, or for music students – adults and children alike. (My 11-year-old daughter just started playing the guitar a few months ago, and loves using it for tuning).

As I am celebrating the launch of my Amazon selling career, I would like to give readers of my blog a nice discount. So please follow this link here, and put in the promo code FUTPROMO to get a $15 discount. This code is valid only till next Sat., January 11.

If you use this code, I would like to ask you a favor: please leave me a review on the product’s page. Don’t write only complimitents: Give me you honest thoughts about it. Thanks!