Gilad Schalit is Back Home

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 26 October 2011 11:59 am

Organ Stolen in Syria

Posted by Deb | Politics | Tuesday 11 October 2011 12:49 pm

The following video is not easy to watch. It shows one of the civilian protesters in Syria in the city of Homs, Talbisa. This young man (who is reported to be 20 years old) was arrested after caught hit in his left kidney with an explosive bullet, and then taken to the military hospital in that city. Apparently in this hospital all his inner organs were stolen by the so-called doctors, and then his body was given back to his family.

This 20-year man, who was married with a child, had been severely tortured before he was killed by the Syrian security forces. Although the crime of stealing people’s organs existed in Syria even before the latest riots, it has now become more wide-spread and is even shown to the public in such videos whose purpose is to frighten those citizens who support the Syrian Freedom Movement.


I am Busy With My eBook

Posted by Deb | Uncategorized | Tuesday 11 October 2011 10:43 am

Yes, I know. I have neglected this blog for too long. I am still on a break from trading. I am waiting till I have enough spare money to put into my trading account so I can start trading again with a significant sum. Trading with a tiny account, as I had learnt, does not leave any freedom to take risks and then you can lose very quickly.

Currently, I am busy writing my first eBook. I have promised to do so long ago, but kept procastinating the actual job. Now I am working on it, and hope to put it out real soon. I hope I can get proficient in writing eBooks so that the next one will not take me so long.


Palestinian official: World must’nt know what the real purpose is

Posted by Deb | Politics | Monday 3 October 2011 4:18 pm