Getting Brave Again

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 28 July 2011 12:54 pm

After trading yesterday I set my platform back to simulator mode, so I will not trade live accidently. Today I opened the platform on the simulator, but then decided the situation was sure enough for a small live profit.

I switched to live, entered a short position with one contract, and waited. During my wait I left the laptop for a few minutes, and when I came back I found I was already out with a profit of $37.5. Had I sat down near the pc I probably would have pulled my take-profit point one point lower, but anyway this was good enough for today.

I’m taking now a short vacation for this weekend, so will be back to trade sometime next week.


Some Luck Today

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 27 July 2011 6:10 pm

As you have probably realized, I have been taken some time off from trading. Today I had some free time on the afternoon, and decided to try.

I opened the platform on the simulator mode and realized the market was diving down. The charts were taking a long time to load so I decided to try a short position anyway. I tried, and it worked so I added one more contract, than another, and exited with a profit of $125 over 3 contracts.

At this point, as the market was still going down, I decided to move to live trade and try my luck again. I was lucky – I was able to make $50 with one contract.

At this point I realized how lucky I was: The market went down another point after I quit, and then went up. It went up till now 4 points (3 points over where I had left).


Another Success on the Demo

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 19 July 2011 6:18 pm

I opened the platform today and found the market had gone up today, but looked as if it would soon go down. It went already over the R1 line, which often means it would not be wise to try a short position, but I decided that I could risk a short short position.

I went in with one contract, and then when the market went up a little added one more contract. I was soon able to quit on the first contract. I didn’t want to quit too quickly on the second contract, but was also afraid to wait too long. I decided to solve this dilemma in the usual way: I added one more contract so that I will not have to wait too long for a bigger profit. Later I added one more contract, and was finally able to quit with a profit of $167.5 over 4 contracts.


After this trade was finished, as the market seemed to still be going down, I decided to take a risk and do a live trade. I was very hesistant and scared, but I finally did it. I entered with one contrace, and then the market went up a bit. I added one more, and the market went up more. On the demo I would have added one more, but on live I was too afraid. I waited, and finally quit too early with a small profit of $50 over the 2 contracts.


Easy on Demo, Difficult on Live

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Friday 15 July 2011 10:09 am

After over a week in which I didn’t want to touch trading (and also not having time for it), I finally went back to the simulator today. I again entered a position quite impulsively, not waiting enough. But after adding 2 more contracts to the mix, I was able to exit with a profit of $150 over 4 contracts.

Why is it so easy to trade on the demo, while trading on real life is so difficult?


Today’s Saga

Posted by Deb | Big Loss,Day Trading Journey | Friday 8 July 2011 5:23 pm

I opened the simulator today and found the market diving down. It seemed near the end of the dive, but I jumped quickly on the wagon and gained $112.5 over 2 contracts. I put an order for 2 more contracts but then thought to myself: What the heck, I should do this on live. So I opened the live trade.

I was telling myself: It is the end of the dive, I am not ready yet to go live. But my impulsivity won. I entered a live short position with 2 contracts, and lost $100.

I told myself: This can’t be. So I tried again, and manged with another 2 contracts to reduce my loss to $50.

I decided to try again. The diving begun again, so I entered another short position with 2 contracts. The market went up again, and up. I didn’t want to quit. I stoped my self from adding any contracts to “even out”, so I just waited and waited. Finally I quit: A loss of $387.5 over another 2 contracts.

While writing this I was thinking to myself: I can’t let this go on. I can’t go back under $1500 in my account. If TransAct risk management will put any more limits on my trading, it will be already impossible to trade. I have to try again. I added one more contract, and lost $50.

I think my account is now in the lowest of all times. I hope TransAct will not punish me for that. Anyway, I think live trade will be off limit for a while now. And when I get back to it, it will have to be with the limits I set to myself a few months ago, until I am over $1500 again: Only one contract, a limit of $37.5 profit per day and $50 loss.

Oh, Wow. In low times I remind myself of the fantastic trading weeks I had about 14 months ago. But how many losses do I need to erase those glorious times? Do I have any future in futures trading?

As my readers now, I am a persistant person. I try again and again, and don’t want to quit. But is there any sense in this?


Profit on the Simulator Again

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 7 July 2011 9:22 pm

I opened the simulator rather late today – at 20:15 AM. The market had climbed up a few hours ago, and was now playing on the new heights. It didn’t move much. Because of the bear direction, I entered a long position, but quit after some time with a profit of $37.5 because nothing was moving. I entered another position (again with 2 contracts), and again quit after some time with a small profit of $25. Finally it seemed the market may soon be goind down, so I entered a short position.

Again the movement was very slow, although there was a big volume of traders. I quit on on position, added another, and finally quit with a total profit of $125 on 7 contracts.


A Long Position

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 6 July 2011 3:47 pm

I traded today again on the simulator. I had a long position – adding and subtracting contracts (I had more contracts than I could have had on the live platform), and the total was a profit of $175 over 8 contracts.

When I entered the market was close to S1 (bottom support line), but it seemed to be going up soon. I entered in a long position, and then added more contracts in lower points, guessing it won’t go much under S1. The market went up and down, so I continued to quit on some contracts and add more, until I finally quit on all.

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