Diving In

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Monday 21 March 2011 8:50 pm

Today I dared a bit more in my live trading, and things got a bit scary…  Luckily I managed to get out with some profit.

The market seemed to be going down soon, though it was still stuck around a support line.  I thought of putting an order a bit under the line, waiting for the market to cross it, but was a bit afraid of it:  Each time I put it, I cancelled it a few seconds later. 

Finally the market did seem to get down, so I enterd on one contract.   Too bad, the market didn’t go down any further.  It played around the line, going up and down again but never crossing my entry point.  Finally I decided to get out and managed to do so with a small loss of $12.5.  I was proud of myself on not gambling and being mature enough to get out in time.

The market went a bit up, and then again headed down and got stuck on the same line.  I waited for quite a long time till it finally went down a bit further, at which I entered again on one position.  The market was still not deteremined enough, getting up and down till I finally entered on one more contract.  After some more time I managed to quit with a profit of $62.5.

Now the market headed down again.  I tried to enter with another contract, but the market was running away – escaping my orders.  Finally I managed to get through, but this was at almost the end of the dive.  It seemed the market will be going down more but it still didn’t, and I was cursing myself for trying again.  I tried to move up my take-profit point, but the modification didn’t catch and at one point I saw the platform wrote this down as if I am ordering a buying of 4 contracts!  I quickly cancelled that, and finally was able to quit with another profit of $25.


Short Trading

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 17 March 2011 2:04 pm

I had to spend the morning today getting a tax form, which was very frustrating.  Such a waste of time!

Once I got home I opened my charts and saw the market was on an end of a dive down.  I tried to move my pc to the living room (where I can wire it directly to the router) very quickly so as not to miss it, and of course everything went wrong:  I knocked off a few items from my desk, I managed to move the taskbar to the top of the screen…

Once everything was straightened out I opened the platform, but even with the wired connection, I couldn’t get a good connection.  After a few tries it seemed ok, and I tried to trade for the first time on the new symbol – ESM1.  I entered a short position on one contract.  Soon I saw the connection was off again, and that by mistake my ESM1 brackets were  not yet set so I had no limit/stop-loss orders on this position.  I closed and re-opened the platform, but the connection was still not good.

I put a buying order on where the market should have been according to the Sierra charts, and it immediately caught, although the Transact platform was showing the market position in a different place because of the bad connection. This got me out of the position with a small profit of $37.5.  As the connection was so bad I decided that was it for today.


Not Enough Time to Trade

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 17 March 2011 1:32 am

Today was frustrating. I am so busy now, I didn’t manage to trade. I did open the charts on the afternoon, and at one point saw that the market was going to go up. I tried opening the platform, but did not get a good connection and didn’t have the time to move my pc to the other room where I could connect it directly to the router in a wired connection. So I had to see how I was right, and could have made some profit, but just didn’t get to it. I hope to have more time tomorrow.

Had I been more sure of myself, knowing for sure that these extra 20 minutes of setting myself up in the other room would give me easily $50-$100, I would have taken the time.  I should be more sure of myself!


Loss on Simulator, Profit on Live

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 15 March 2011 12:18 pm

Yesterday I had no time to trade. Sadly, it seems my Mondays are too busy now for the next few months.

Today I opened the charts and saw how much the market has gone down, due to the tragedies in Japan. I wasn’t sure if the diving down was over or not, so decided to try the simulator. It seemed first the market was now “fixing” some of the diving down and going up a bit. I entered a long position – first with 2 contracts, than added two more, but very quickly lost $325.

I waited a bit more, till finally the market showed a definite direction of going down. At this point I passed to live trading, and entered a short position. I first put an order for 2 contracts, but then freaked out and took off one contract. The order caught, but the market was still undefinite. I pushed my limit order up to 2 pips, and finally quit on a profit of $25.

Just then, the market continued going down. I decided to enter another position, again with one contract, and this time waited a bit more. I quit on $37.5. Bottom line: $62.5 on 2 contracts.


The Massacre of the Fogel Family

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Sunday 13 March 2011 1:11 pm

On Friday night Palestinians entered the house of the Fogel family, and stabbed to deathe the 2 parents, and 3 of their young children.

Watch this film:

The Fogel Family


Busy Week

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 10 March 2011 8:44 pm

This week is a very busy week for me, and I didn’t have enough time to trade. Yesterday we had a birthday party for my twins, with 20 kids in our home. Tomorrow my daughter is having a party in school. Trading has to wait.

I did though do some trading today. Again, internet connection was awful. I didn’t have time in the morning, but luckily my kids went out to friends in the afternoon so I had some quiet time and the room with wired internet was quiet, so I was able to do to get a good connection for some time.

On my way home from work I had a fantasy: What if I entered a short position, and just then the internet would dive down pass my limit and I will get a hugh profit?

I opened the Transact platform at home and found out that that was what had happened, only I was out of the market: The market had jumped down, so anyone who was in a short position in that time would have made a big profit. But I didn’t.

When I finally set up my platform with a wired connection I didn’t have much time. I tought of entering with live trade, but as the time was so short I decided to the simulator. I entered one position, and exited a few minutes later with a profit of $37.5.


Today’s Report

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 8 March 2011 11:27 pm

Yesterday I didn’t find time to trade. Mondays have become lately very busy days for me.

Today I tried to trade in the morning, but got very frustraded from the bad connection I had. I tried again and again, and just couldn’t get a good internet connection. I even tried to uninstall the Transact and install a newer version of Transact, but that seemed to just make things worse. Finally I re-installed my old version, and gave up.

I tried now again (it is evening here now), and on my second try got a good connection. What I didn’t realize that after uninstalling and re-installing, my Transact platform was missing my regular parameters. I entered a short position, but the system didn’t generate for me the bracket orders. It took me some time to realize what has happened, and by the time I got things fixed I was already in a loss of $62.5.

I was deteremined to win, so I entered another short position on 2 contracts, and later added 2 more. Finally the market went down as I had anticipated, and I was in a total profit of $125 over 5 contracts – including the original loss. So actually my profit on the second position was $187.5.

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