Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Monday 28 February 2011 4:38 pm

As you can understand from the title, today was another good day. I entered a short position with 2 contracts, and when the market did not go down immediately I added 2 more on a higher point. The trading was slow, so I had to use all my patient, but finally the market got down: $150 over 4 contracts.

This was still on the simulator. I thought of starting live trade trade, but didn’t have the courage yet.


A Free Plane Ticket

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Sunday 27 February 2011 4:46 pm

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Good and Short

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Friday 25 February 2011 11:44 am

Today I had a short trading session: I put and order on 2 contracts on a long position. When it didn’t get caught I added one more on a higher poing (one pips different). Finally all 3 caught and the market went down, but only by a few pips and I guessed it will soon go up. I added one more contract, and after a few more minutes the makret finally went up. I quit with a profit of $100 on all 4.


Trading Like the Big Traders

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 24 February 2011 6:55 pm

The internet connection today is bad. It took me several tries to open the simulator. The market seemed to be going down, but I couldn’t get a good connection in time. When I finally got a connection, the dive was almost over. I entered a 2 contract short position to get the end of the dive, but of course just then the market went back up and didn’t finish the diving I expected.

I decided to wait for the market to do its dive. When it climbed up more, I just ended more and more contracts. I had already 10 contracts when the market was going down. Till then I had already a potential loss of over $2000, but I decided to imagine I have a big account and not take notice.

Finally it did go down. I quit the 5 of the contracts, then added 4 more. Finally I quit with a profit of $262.5 over 14 contracts. In real life trading that would be a profit of about $160.

Then the market continued its dive, and I decided to go in live trading to make some real profit. No luck. I just couldn’t get a good connection. So my potential profit will have to wait for a day with better connection. Now my son needs me to take him out. Too bad.


The Lucky $37.5 Benchmark

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 23 February 2011 4:34 pm

I didn’t have time to update here in the last few days, so here is a short summary of this weeks trading so far:

On Monday I traded first on one contrace, short position. I got a profit of $37.5. Then I had to get out, but I decided $37.5 isn’t enough for me (I said already that greediness is the source of all evil!). As it was on the simulator, I wasn’t afraid to leave an open order for when I am not around. This order – for a long position 0 caught, and when I came back home an hour later the market went down and I was in a big loss (I think it was -$587.5).

Yesterday I had a whole set of orders, long and short, as I was not sure where the market was heading. Finally a short order of one contract caught, and I made again a profit of $37.5. Then my internet connection was lost. As I already learnt my lesson from the day before, I quit at that.

Today, I again started out with a profit of $37.5. But since the market looked sure to be going down, and I had a few hours before I had to leave, I decided to put a second order, this time with 2 contracts. The market did indeed go down and I got a total of $137.5.

I am debating with myself in the last few days if when I have an almost sure position like today, and a good internet connection, I may try to make small profits on live trading. I am still a bit afraid.


No Luck Today

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Friday 18 February 2011 3:50 pm

I had to know things won’t continue to go well.

I started with one contract in a short position, and after a few minutes was out with $37.5. I thought of quitting at that stage, and said to myself that if this was live trade I would have stopped then (I would like to think that is true). But after a while, since the market kept going down and after all it was the simulator, I decided to try again. I put a long order at the first support line, another contract on the next, and an order for 2 more contracts on the lowest support line.

The market was slow for a long time, and I had to leave. I left the trader to go fetch my kids, thinking that probably by the time I come back the position will be through with a good profit.

Alas, when I came back the position was over with a total loss of $287.5. Hahh!


Frustrating Internet Connection

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Thursday 17 February 2011 6:55 pm

I opened the Transact platform about an hour before the official oppening of trade. Things seemed to be going slow, and the market looked as if it is going to go down. I entered a short order, and when the market didn’t get high enough added a lower short order on one contract. This order caught quickly. Then the market jumped down, and I was very quickly out with a profit of $37.5.

I decided to try for another position, and added another order of 2 contracts. The market went up and down, and started being very alert with a big volume. Then my internet connection was lost. That was frustrating! When trading on the simulator, as I did, your positions are not kept when restarting the platform.

I decided to restart the Transact and add the orders again. Then the connection was lost again. Judging by the graphs, I would have probably made a nice (virtual) profit on these positions, but as the records were lost with the internet connection, I couldn’t actually see it.

I decided to give up with that. With an actual trade, I would have probably made a nice profit for today.

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