Good Trading

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Saturday 5 June 2010 10:39 pm

I haven’t written here on Thursday and Friday, so here is the summary:

Thursday went well.  A few minutes of stress, but the end was $287.5 on 3 contracts.

Friday was difficult.  When I opened my laptop, my trading platform (Transact) was stuck, with the price not moving.  I called the support, and was told they do not recommend trading on wireless, as these things sometimes happen.  I tried rebooting, moving to the other room, but nothing helped.

I tried to sit near the modem and using an internet cable, but somethow my laptop (a Toshiba) kept connecting through the wireless.  I have to try and check how to do this, but didn’t have the time for that yesterday, so decided to trade on my kids pc which uses an internet cable.  I have traded there once some time ago when my old laptop died.

For some reason, my trading tools program (Sierra charts) did not work there properly.  It kept showing only the last 15 minutes, with no history, so I could not see the actual graphs and tools.   Finally I put the laptop near the pc, opened the platform on the pc and the charts on the laptop.  This wasn’t ideal since the Sierra is connected to the trading platform, so that I had to re-open it every few minutes to get it updated.  I wasn’t sure if I should trade in such conditions, but didn’t want to miss a day of trading so decided to give it a try.  I entered a position with only one contract, as I was not sure if I should try at all, and a few minutes later added one more contract.  When the market first went against me I was a bit angry at myself for trying to trade in such conditions, but finally the market went up and I exited with $187.5 on 2 contracts.   Less than the previous days but quite good under these conditions.  I hope on Monday things will work again on my laptop, otherwise I will try to re-install the Sierra on my kids pc, or figure out how to connect without wireless on my laptop (and get a longer internet cable!).  Anyway I was proud of myself of making profit with all these mishaps.

And for our political corner of the day:  A nice satirical video about the whole flotilla business:

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Nervous Market

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Wednesday 2 June 2010 7:43 pm

Today I started the next part of my journey:  My account is back on the winning side.

I started by breaking one of my rules:  My teacher advised not to trade on the first half hour after the stock exchange is opened, i.e. wait till 10:00 AM NY time.   But 10:00 AM in New York means 5:00 PM in Jerusalem, and on Wednesdays my daughter has a swimming lesson on 5:15 PM.  Last week I traded at about 14:00 PM, but today I had a conference with my son’s teacher at that time. 

I opened my Transact platform at 16:30, which is when the stock exchange is opening.  The first few minutes were slow, and then suddenly everything moved fast.  I entered a position (long with 2 contracts) at about 16:40-16:45, and then the market got real nervous.  It jumped up above my first exit point, and then down again.  While I was trying to decide if and to where I should move it, it got caught, and I was left with one contract and a profit of $50.

Then the market rushed down, and down.  I entered 2 more long contracts in a lower point.  The market went further down, then up, and I was afraid my daughter will be late for her lesson.  But then the market began climbing back up, and  I was able to quit with a total of $287.5.  The market was still climbing up another point or two which I could have gotten had I waited a little more, but I was happy as it is – a good profit, and I was glad to be out of the position.  And my daughter was just on time for her lesson.

A good start!

I don’t want to change this into a political blog, but as the anti-Israel propoganda and Turkish lies are getting distributed everywhere around the net, I will bring here today again 2 links:

The first is an article about the Turkish casualties on the flotilla boat:  appearantly some of them have dreamt of being Shahids (That’s Arabic for martyrs – that’s what the suicidal terrorists are called).

The second is a CNN interview with the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, in which he explains well the Israeli point of view.


Finally There

Posted by Deb | Day Trading Journey | Tuesday 1 June 2010 2:26 pm

Yesterday was Memorial day in the USA, the stock exchange was closed and the Mini S&P trading was very slow that I decided to take the day off. Today I was so anxious to start already trading, I didn’t want to wait till the American stock exchange will open (especially as I have a doctor appointment for my son in the afternoon, exactly when the American stock exchange should open, and I am not sure when we will be back), so I traded before it open.

I do prefer trading in the afternoon, as then trading is fast and I can be in and out of a position in 2-3 minutes, or no more than 7-8 minutes. Now it was still moving slow. But I did it! The first position was a long with 3 contracts. I actually started with 2, and when the market went down I added another one in a lower price. The market took so long to go up I finally quit too quickly, so I did only $87.5 on it. I entered again a few minutes later with a short, in 2 contracts, and added another $100.

I finally restored my original $5,000 account! Now I hope I can finally make some *real* profit. I, and my bank account, are looking forward to it.

I wasn’t going to add here anything about politics, yet yesterdays events are too strong to ignore. Israel’s stupidity, the world’s hypocrisy, Turkey’s evil…. So here I am adding a short video showing how the Israeli soldiers were atted by the Turkish “peace activists” (“peace activists” has become lately a code name for “terror supporters”, a-la 1984s newtalk):

I would also like to add here links to 2 articles about this story:  One is from Honest Reporting, and the second from USA Today.

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